Living with Cancer

By: Sofia Barreiro, Emily Delgado, Valeria Gomez


Some people may think cancer is devastating, but cancer can effect people in a positive way by bringing families closer together and help people see the world in a different perspective.

Support 1

This harmful illness will show people to observe the universe in a unique way, just like the Peter Power Foundation. For instance, when Peter was cured he, "... came out determined, a superhero of sorts, by starting the Peter-Powerhouse Foundation" (Bryant 2). This quotation shows that Peter is helping other people that are facing the same challenges that he fought. He wants people that are struggling get the help that he got because hes seen how fragile life is in an unfortunate way.

Support 2

Cancer makes stronger bonds with family because they have someone by their side throughout the entire battle, just like the Thompson family. For example, when the Thompson family was grieving, "... photography was a way to help those desperate for a life-saving gift" (Telegraph 2). By editing their son Lake into their wedding photos, this gave the Thompson family time to grief and memory of their beloved son, Lake. They have each other to deal with their hurting.


Having stronger bonds with their family and looking at the world with different eyes is a superior effect of cancer.
This flashmob of cancer survivors will inspire you.