Personal Hygiene for Preschoolers

Hand Washing

Why is it Important to Wash Your Hands?

It's important to wash your hands because it protects against the spread of many illnesses. Washing your hands also helps to fight off germs.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

You should wash your hands...

a) Before eating or touching your food.

b) After using the bathroom.

c) After blowing your nose or coughing.

d) After touching animals.

e) After playing outside.

f) Before/After visiting a sick relative or friend.


#1 Wet Hands With Warm Water

#2 Use Soap to Kill Germs

#3 Rub Hands Together and Lather

#4 Scrub Between Fingers and Under Fingernails

#5 Rinse With Warm Water

#6 Dry With Clean Towel

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