5R Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Written and Edited by Mrs. Riley's 5th Grade Class


We are currently in the middle of reading Explorers: Triumphs and Troubles. We are learning about various explorers and how their explorations could be considered both good and bad. We are focusing on author's purpose and author's point of view while we read. We will finish the year up by reading "Pedro's Journal." This is a story about a young boy traveling with Christopher Columbus. We will then complete a characterization project about the explorers.


We are working on our Decades Project, which is due on Monday, May 16th. We have spent a lot of time using books and the internet to research a specific topic within our assigned decade. Many of us are now starting to work on our visual for our presentation and will soon begin to rehearse our presentations. We are excited to present our findings to our class and the other 5th grade students the last week of school!


All of the math classes are working on Chapter 11, which involves measuring using metric and customary units. We are learning how to convert from one unit to another.


We are in the middle of our Ecology Unit, which will end next Thursday with a unit test. We are learning a lot about water and ways that it can be cleaned. We will perform several labs in which we will see how water is filtered. We are also learning about how much water we use each day and how we can try to conserve it.

Important Information/Dates

Saturday, May 7th- 5th Grade Night Out

Thursday, May 12th- Science Test

Friday, May 13th- 5th Grade Picnic (1:00-3:00)

Monday, May 16th- Decades Projects due

Tuesday, May 17th- Field Day

Friday, May 20th- Last Day of School