By Wesam Alabed

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Are Anti-bullying programs working in schools?

No,anti-bullying programs aren't working because suicide is the third leading case of death amont teeanagers.about 4,400 teeangers die becasue of bullying
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The story of Jamey

Jamey Rodemeyer of williamsville killed himself after people were bullying him about his sexual orientation and calling him gay and homosexual.So the police figure out that anti-bullying programs aren't working , so they passed a law that defines Cyberbullying as harassment
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Rebecca Sedwich Suicide

Rebecca Sedwich 12 year old girl jumped to death after 2 teenager girls bullied and humiliated her on social media websites.Calling her ugly and she should drink bleach and die.And again the anti-bullying program couldn't stop it

My Story

I was always bullied and picked on when i was in elementary school.I don't know why maybe because i was short and small.Anti-bullying programs never helped,so i knew i had to workout and join a sport,so no one would pick on me anymore.Now i joined wrestling and I only lost once this season.
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Tips to avoid cyberbullying

1.Don't post any personal information

2.Never respond to angry messages
3.Don't open messages from strangers
4.Beware of some topic

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