I Am The Weapon

Allen Zadoff

What I liked about the book

This is one of my favorite books that I have ever read. I love the mystery and as the story goes along you find out more about the main character's past. I like the idea of an internal conflict. The main character, Ben as he goes by, works for the Program and they have been training him to become the ultimate assassin, but this one mission he goes on changes everything. I think it was smart and interesting how the author kept the main characters name unknown until later on in the book because with every new mission he gets, a new identity comes with it too. As the story unfolds it is interesting to see the conflict he is having inside his head. He has known the Program since he was about 10, but as he is growing up the past, he does not want to remember, is starting to revile itself again. I like the ending and how it was not predictable and I liked the characters in the story. I also liked the first person point of view. It added an element to a story with made the book mysterious, and exciting.

What I did not like about the book

The only thing I did not like about the book was that the ending did not really give a clear connection to the next book. With out knowing there was a second book, I probably would have just stopped after the first book. I think if the author would have left a better cliff hanger, or bridged the two books together, then that would have made me want to read the second book even more. I also did not like one of the characters, Erica. She was fine for the party scene, but she appeared again later and I do not think that had any effect on the story.

Favorite quote

"Eliminate your target and move on. No fear. No sympathy. No remorse." - I Am The Weapon

Would I recommend it

YES I would recommend it! It is a great series and this book starts off the trilogy with a bang. It kept me interested and wanting to read the next book. It has adventure, mystery, and love. The second book follows the story line of the first one and it leaves a great cliff hanger. It would be a great book and series for anyone and I cannot wait until the third book comes out June 9, 2015.
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