Foundations 1-Literature Class

September 8, 2015-Class 3

Teaching The Classics Seminar!

This week as we began our Teaching the Classics Seminar, we talked about looking at literature through the lens of Context, Structure and Style! Ask you child to explain those things to you....and, they can use the notes they took in class today.

After listening to a reading of Longfellow's "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", the kids practiced reading and annotating for STYLE (various literary devices that authors use to craft their work--just in case you haven't asked them to explain it to you yet!) We quickly reviewed many of these terms. These will still seem foreign to many of the kids now, but by the Christmas they will be old hat! Remind your children to always give it their best shot, but not to stress if they don't get something. (As an aside, you can also tell them that I said it is usually pretty evident who gave it their best shot, and who did their work at the 25th hour!)

When students annotate for style, it is perfectly fine to use short hand abbreviations. Below are some of the symbols I choose to use.










Jump In and Join Us in Reading "Ransom of Red Chief"

These next few weeks, I encourage parents to read the O. Henry assignments with or to their child. O. Henry uses lots of wonderful big words and kids really need to slow down when reading him. We discussed in class that this story is so full of satire and that O. Henry usually throws in a good plot twist or two! So....get comfy and enjoy a great story while helping your child spot STYLE!

PS. There are two sets of Alliteration in the headline!

Big image

Great Class Day!

Thanks to the Moore Family (Alli and Caden) for surprising us with cookies...and beautiful and tasty cookies to boot! I was thrilled to partake in both the morning and afternoon classes! Thank you...they were enjoyed by all!

PS. Sorry no pix of the boys today. I was too busy recovering from all the "scares" from the students as well as Mr. Moss! AHHH!! Ask those boys of yours, or your husband- if his name is Mr. Moss!!

If Your Child Needs Help Understanding Style Further Before Next Week.....

Below are links to Lit Term Videos that we use in Foundations II. Feel free to check out.

Foreshadowing- (Please note that speaker does use example from Twilight series)


The God Hunt!

Wonderful sharing in both classes today. Love hearing stories of healing, protections, and students acting as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Prayer Requests:

*For Kristi Walston and Andrew to have a wonderful unexpected trip to WI to visit family.

*For Annie's leg to heal quickly


* Healing for Kristi Breedlove from her surgery

* Corinne is well and back with us this week

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