Oasis Student Ministry

Deeper with God. Closer to Each Other

Hi Parents!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl this year. Was it just me, or were the commercials just not as funny this year? Even though the commercials were a little off, the Student Ministry has some great stuff going on. Take some time to read through everything.

Valentine's Fundraiser Dinner Details

Drop Off Your Teen: 5pm Saturday, February 13

Dress Code for Your Teen: Semi Formal white shirt and black pants. Girls should have their hair pulled back.

Food for Your Teen: I will have pizza here at 5pm

Pick Up Your Teen: You can pick up your teen around 8:30pm

Sr. High Night

When: 6-8pm Wednesday, February 17

Where: Trinity Church

Why: This event is going to be a time for me to follow up with Sr. Higher's who went on the Winter Retreat. There will also be some fun game time and an engaging discussion on God.

Food: I will have snacks here for the teens.

Experience God Event

When: 6-8pm Sunday, February 21

Where: Berean Bible Church (2675 E High St #1, Pottstown, PA 19464)

What: A multi worship experience put on by Youth United where teens from different youth groups will be participating in a night of singing worship, communion, art, prayer, and teaching. There will be different stations teens will be going to throughout the night where they can experience God in a unique way.

Why: Youth United, a network of local youth pastors, wanted to put on a night that is all about them growing closer to God.

Youth Group: This event will be in place of Youth Group. Drop off and Pick up will be at Berean Bible Church

My Highlight & General Stuff

These past couple weeks have been pretty busy for me. It is definitely hard for me to say just one highlight, but I would say the Sr. High Retreat. It was such a great weekend to spend hanging out with the teens and getting to know them more. It was also great seeing them grow in their relationship with God.

Work Camp sign ups on on the table by the bathrooms. Be sure to check with your teen to see if they have signed up.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.