FEBRUARY 1, 2016


  • U of A Nutrition presentations
    • 9:50 Room 9/gr 2
    • 10:25 Room 7/gr 2
    • 11:00 Room 12/gr 3 (all)
    • 2:05 Room 6/gr 1 (all)
  • 3:20 Staff Meeting followed by
    • Leadership Team Mtg.


  • Ground Hog Day
  • Grade Level Meetings
  • 3:00 Girls On The Run Meeting (Ms. Kurtz)


  • Battle of the Books – district wide
  • 1:00 Internet Safety Assembly (3rd & 4th Grade) Internet Safety Assembly (K, 1st & 2nd)
  • 2:00 Internet Safety Assembly (K, 1st & 2nd)
  • 3:30 De-Escalation Training Part II


  • Principal’s Meeting
  • Girls On The Run Meeting


  • Full day
  • Temi & Aimee off site/AzMERIT Training
  • Mid Quarter Progress Reports to be issued

LOI Observations - ELA Focused

Math has been the primary focus of our LOI Observations thus far this school year. Focusing on math has given us information on where we our strengths and challenges lie in math instruction. In order for us to begin to plan ahead to address our instructional needs in ELA we need to know where we are instructionally. Your last LOI should be in the ELA area (not SFA). This will allow us to begin to plan to address our needs in this area.


Lunch detention on the stage is reaching capacity limits during certain times. This is a time when we should look at those students that are receiving lunch detention very frequently and seek out a consequence that will impact change or a reward that makes them want to try harder. If you have students that do Lunch Detention daily, this is information that they are not changing their behavior to avoid it. We are now having students sign in so we can track frequent student flyers, grade level use, and teacher use.


At a recent Principal's meeting, principals received their school reports on the amount of grades each teacher had posted and the consistency of which grades were being entered. We also received a report on parents that have Parent Portal Accounts and how often they logged in to check their child's grades. As a parent, I know how important it is to be able to see your child's missing assignments, test scores, and upcoming projects. Please remember to consistently enter grades so that a parent has the information necessary to support their child in his/her education. Please let me or the coaches know if you need a refresher or assistance with Grade Book.

Today's Staff Meeting Agenda


Barriers & Bridges Activity

Staff Discussion on Procedures

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