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Northern Region Teacher Shout Out

NR Teacher of the Week: Carrie Cherney

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WIVA's Carrie Cherney

In this lesson, Carrie used breakout rooms in a creative way to increase differentiation, remediation, and extension of the lesson as well as challenging higher achieving students. In nutshell, she created extension activities in the breakout rooms. As a student got an answer correct, he or she went to their personal breakout room where extension activities waited. Those that remained in the main room were remediated until they accomplished the task. This is the first time she tried this strategy.

Here is the link:

Northern Region Teacher PD

The NR Teacher PD takes place every week, and we would love to have you join us! We are a group of collaborative teachers with a growth mindset who believe in learning and building our skills together. Recordings and more information can be found in the link (below).

Flipping Your Lessons

People often ask, "Summer, do have a good example of 'flipping'"? Well, I do now! Check out new WIVA teacher Betsy Jibson's flip. I couldn't stop watching, and I bet the kiddos couldn't either!

Jigsaw at MVCA High School

MVCA HS English

Heather Shue and Annie Butzu planned an amazing student-directed unit on the book “Night” for their English classes:

Michael Gunder - ISOH Biology

Michael had students create and comment on “Facebook” style pages for the different parts of a cell.

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Melonie Porubsky – HST 302 – 8th grade

Melonie has been working with different sized breakout rooms as well varying degrees of teacher-directed and assisted completion of the required Reading Guide.

Some TLAC strategies in play here: 100%, What To Do, Strategic Investment, At Bats, Begin with the End

Lesson Recording (7:21-14:01 highlights setting up the activity and checking for understanding of procedure):

You Need a DOK Wheel


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