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Descriptive Article Favorite foods (Text Structure: description)

There are many foods that the Aztecs liked. First of all the Aztecs enjoyed drinking spicy hot chocolate. In addition they add a lot of chille to make it spicy. They always wrapped food in tortillas to eat their food. The Aztec favorite thing to grow was corn. Corn was their favorite food.The Aztecs liked spicy food so they flavored it with chili peppers and they used spicy sauces. A main food was tlaxcalli which was a cornmeal pancake used to make tortillas. The Aztecs would wrap vegetables and meat inside it to make tacos. Aztecs use to eat weird things for instance dogs, and ducks.

Eating fruits and vegetables were important. Young Aztec women had to know how to cook tortilla shells. Usually people ate tortillas when it was fresh especially warriors and merchants. Tortillas could also be eaten later, thats why they like.

The Fall of Tenochtitlan (Text Structure: cause and effect)

The Aztecs were successful until the fall of Tenochtitlan. When the Spaniards gathered their forces on August 13th, 1521 they returned to Tenochtitlan. Therefore, the Cuban governor sent Cortez with 400 soldiers and 15 horses to Villa Rica De La Veracruz.

Other than the people who died of war there were a lot of people who died of a disease. Cortez had an African slave who had smallpox disease and one of Cortez’s soldiers got the disease and then a aztec warrior got it. Then smallpox spread throughout the Aztec civilization with no idea how to treat it. As a result, there were very few Aztec soldiers left because many had died from the disease. Also, sacrifices killed thousands of people and many of them could have helped the army. That concluded the fall of Tenochtitlan.

Hindus and Aztecs (Text Structure: compare and contrast)

The same and difference between Hindus and the Aztec. Most Hindus believe in 1 or many gods similar to the Aztecs. Hinduism is one of the oldest religion like the Aztecs. Most of their time they prey Hindu’s feel dedicated to their god.As well As the Aztecs.

However the Aztecs dedicate their god by making sacrifices. They sacrificed humans to pay the gods for creating the world and the sun. It was a form of thanks to the Gods. Ugly people were not sacrificed because they weren’t good enough for the god. If you looked bad or ill you wouldn't be a sacrifice The Aztecs believed that they were feeding the gods with the sacrifices and making them happy. So the Aztecs could have a good life.

The Aztec Pyramid Step by Step (Text Structure: sequential)

Pyramid that the Aztecs built and how they built it.The Aztecs build their pyramids with stones that are from the core of the earth. Then a lot of pyramids are constructed around the core of rubble.Then it is retained with walls. The bottom of the pyramid of the sun is 730 feet each side. A lot of Aztec buildings are made out of stone platforms. The Aztecs did not use wheels pulleys or anything else to move the stone. If they wanted a bigger or better pyramid then they just build one over the other. Now they build their pyramids to honor their gods. The Aztec great pyramid is placed in the capital. Then the top two shrines were put there to honor Huitzilopotchli (the god of son). The symbol for conquering is a burning temple with a warrior destroying from top to bottom.

problem solution

Dear, Jeff

Hey Jeff, I am going to a sacrifice I don’t want to go to a sacrifice. But my parents are making me I hate seeing people die it's really creepy.

from: Bob

Hi Bob,

I got a solution for the sacrifice “you must tell your parents you're not going” if that doesn't help shut your eyes and don’t watch the sacrifice.


Dear Johnny

I am a little boy and I need help and I need to learn how to cook. I'm really bad when ever I cook. I start fires usually and my parents cook too fast. So I cant keep up and I try to tell them to slow down but there always busy.

from: katin

Hi Katin,

The best solution I have is read a cookbook or when your parents don't have to go anywhere ask them. Don’t put the heat on high and try not to touch the fire.