Mark Zuckerberg

By: Luke Mennecke

Mark's Idea

Mark was born on May 14, 1984 he had 3 other siblings and he was just fascinated by computers. When he was about 12 he made a program using the Atari BASIC, he called it the ZuckNet, his father used this program to communicate with his receptionist to tell him if he got a new patient.

Mark went to Harvard in 2002 where he made a program called CourseMatch. It allowed people to choose their courses based on others choices. He also made a program called FaceMash which took 2 pictures of people and determined which one was more attractive. But it was banned because the school thought it was inappropriate.

Later other students got together with Mark and asked him to make a program called Harvard Connection. The site was used for mostly a dating sight, Mark agreeded but soon he abandoned the idea so he could make his own social network site with his other friends. He made the site programmed to let users make profiles, upload photos, and comment on pictures they called it Facebook. In 2004 he dropped out of college so he could work on Facebook full-time and by the end of that year Facebook had 1 million users.