Joseph Rogers Primary School

April 20, 2105

Be A Champion

A number of years ago (I really feel like I am showing my age by saying that...), I had the opportunity to hear Rita Pearson speak at Volunteer High School. It was a 2 day training that I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend. Her training offered a different perspective on students and parents that we work with every day and changed how I viewed my students and parents.

Below is a link to a blog article written by Dr. Rita Pierson and a 7 minute TED talk. I hope you will take the time to read and view this. I promise you will not view your job in the same way again and I know you will be inspired.

Thank you for being a champion for kids. Without you many of our students would never have a champion.


Calendar of Events

fun times at jrp

April 21 - Family Breakfast (7:15-8:00). We have almost 200 parents that have sent a RSVP to this. I am sure parking will be an issue on Tuesday. PTO meeting after school in the library

April 22 - scheduling committee

April 23 - Grow Team

April 24 - Collaborative

May 1 - 2nd grade parent involvement; 1st grade field trip

May 4 - 2nd grade field trip; Friends at Play visit kindergarten; begin AIMSweb benchmarks; grade level benchmarks in Math and ELA

May 8 - Kindergarten registration; kindergarten dismiss early; rescheduled date for special staff appreciation breakfast

May 13 - safety/career day

May 14 - Kinder to Bright's Zoo; PreK Briarwood Safari; 2nd to HES for a visit

May 15 - Kindergarten registration; kindergarten dismiss early

May 18 - PreK graduation

May 19 - field day

May 20 - AR field trip to Bays Mountain

May 21 - End of Year programs

May 22 - retirement breakfast


No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

-James Comer