Trouble strikes the Danes!

King Hrothgar, ruler of the Danes, is being plagued by the demon Grendel. Every night, Grendel attacks the mead hall, killing and eating the Danish warriors. The once great warrior Hrothgar and his men are driven out of the castle and are forced to hide in the outskirts of the country.

Beowulf comes to help :)

Word of the creature Grendel spread to countries far and wide. In one country, a brave warrior was instructed by the elders to construct a team and to go and assist the fallen Danes. The brave warrior, Beowulf, was known everywhere for being the strongest fighter in the world. Beowulf's assistance was accepted happily accepted.
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Beowulf vs. Grendel

Beowulf and his men prepare for battle in Hrothgar's mead hall. They all pretend to be asleep and await the coming of the dreaded Grendel. Night comes, and is closely followed by Grendel. When it tries to attack the "sleeping" Beowulf, he jumps out and holds the beast down. The two fight ferociously and Grendel is barely able to escape with its life.