Bill Bojangles Robinson

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May 25,1878-November 25,1949

Bill Robinson was famous for his tap dancing and for his film acting. His occupation was mostly tap dancing.


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was born Luther Robinson in Richmond, Virginia, on May 25, 1878. His father, Maxwell, worked in a machine shop, while his mother, Maria, was a choir singer. After both of his parents died in 1885, Robinson was raised by his grandmother, Bedilia, who had been a slave earlier in her life. According to Robinson, he used physical force to compel his brother, Bill, to switch names with him, since he did not care for his given name of Luther. Additionally, as a young man, he earned the nickname "Bojangles" for his contentious tendencies.

Interesting thing

The most interesting thing i learned about Bill Bojangles Robinson was when he was a teen he changed his name from Luther to Bill because his fathers name was Luther. And he danced with Shirley Temple.
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