Second Grade Update

Mrs. Delia's 2nd Grade February 8, 2016

Language Arts

  • We will conclude Unit 5 in Benchmark Literacy with Reader’s Theater. Students will practice and self-assess fluency skills with a focus on inflection and intonation (volume).
  • We will continue a unit of study on opinion writing.
  • Students are continuing with Words Their Way. They are sorting words according to certain patterns and spellings.


We will continue the unit on the foundations of multiplication and division. Students will organize equal groups into rectangular arrays. They build arrays and use repeated addition of the number in each row or column (i.e., group) to find the total.

Social Studies

Social Studies

  • We will continue the unit on government.
  • On Monday we will learn about the Chinese New Year.
  • We will also start learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Please note.....

We will have a small “Friendship” celebration in our class on the next ½ day, Friday, February 12. Students are welcome exchange cards and will need a box or bag for the cards he/she receives. Please have your child sign his/her name ONLY on the cards. Please do not individually address each card as this takes an enormous amount of time to distribute. There are 18 students in our class. Although I greatly appreciate parent volunteers, none are needed for this celebration. We will also have a snack.

Science Center Field Trip

Monday, Feb. 29th, 9:15am-12:30pm

5050 Oakland Avenue

St. Louis, MO

We will leave school approximately 9:15 and return around 12:30. Please be sure to return the permission slip and $1.25. Chaperones are welcome!!

Mrs. Delia's Resources/Contact Information

Please ALWAYS feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! :)