Siblings With a disability

by Andrea Quispe 1/7/16 Period 1


Living with a sibling or siblings must be very annoying. But, living with a sibling who has a disability or has special needs is even more difficult for many people. How can i create a presentation that will inform people about disabilities? I chose this topic because it is interesting how living with a sibling who has a disability is a lot more different.

Pros and Cons

Having a sibling with a disability may be difficult do to stress over the family, feeling jealous when they have more responsibility then their brother or sister or feeling embarrassed in public over inappropriate behavior or physical characteristics. Also, it is hard because they may not be able to do things or go places.But, the typical sibling is not the only one who feels stressed. Kids with special needs also feels stressed when they cannot understand something or when they have no one to play with if they are alone. Even with all the cons that there is, there are many pros too. First of all, siblings who grow up with a disabled kid is most likely to develop good qualities in their personality such as being patient, kind, supportive, accepting differences and helpfulness.

"We’ve seen you stand up to the bullies, even when it was scary. Because you understand so deeply that it isn’t right to diminish anyone, in any way." - Ellen Stumbo

This Quote from means that even when they don't want to, the sibling would always stand up for their brother or sister who doesn't really understand if they are getting bullied or not, even in scary times. They understand that it is not right if someone is left out or diminished in any way.


In this video, Learned about how kids and parents react to their sibling or other kids who have a disability.
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