Anna Kate's Bucket List

April 2014

Rope Swinging

I want to go rope swinging in Corona Arch in Moab. It was formed by wind and sand blowing around. Physical weathering occurred here. I want to go because it sounds like so much fun. I would like go with a group of friends.
World's Largest Rope Swing

Hiking by a waterfall

I want to visit the

Detian Waterfall in Vietnam/China because it is the prettiest waterfall I have ever seen. It was formed by running water and physical weathering occurred here.The running water broke down the rocks to form this amazing structure. I would visit this waterfall with my best friends and we would explore this place all the time.

Detian Waterfall, China

White water rafting

I want to go white water rafting in North Johnstone River, Australia because it sounds so much fun and looks so amazing. The rocks along the edge were formed by physical weathering. Running water was the force of erosion that made the river. I want to go with my family and closest friends. I definitely will go with Kennedy.
White Water Rafting The Tamur River in Nepal


I want to skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland because I have always wanted to even though it sounds scary. The ground I would be landing on was formed by wind. The weathering that occurred is physical. I would go with my friends.
Sky Diving

Trapeze swinging

I want to go trapeze swinging in Orlando, Florida because it looks like an amazing thing to do. The ground was formed by wind and sand blowing around. Physical waethering ocurred here and I would go with my cousin Kali.
Flying Trapeze Experience