Lacy Craig

8th Grade Art

My Art

My art is a variety of colorful, pretty drawings and the other half is more dark, deep, and meaningful. I like to do realistic things sometimes to mix it up but I like to mostly do colorful, random, cute things. I think it fits my personality the most.

About TLMS

Three Lakes Middle School

Three Lakeds Middle School is a new school opened in 2015 for 6th, 7th, an d8th graders. We have many varieties of people from, smarts all the way to artistic.The school offers all core classes in on level, pre-ap, and GT. They have helping classes for kids with special needs or disabilities.

About Me

I am a 13 year old 8th grade student who loves science and history. I also enjoy drawing and painting in my spare time. That is how I got interested in school art and art club in 5th grade. Art class was mandatory in elementary school and that really helped me learn how to draw shapes, lines, animals, and simple things you need to know to do art. Then, when I was able to, in 5th grade, I joined Art Club which met after school and we did a little bit more advanced projects and things for people who thought of doing art in middle and high school. So, i'm now in 8th grade and I have done art all three years in middles school. Since then , I have learned so many things. I've learned to draw with a grid, how to correctly shade, how to draw things by looking at it, and just key things needed to become an artist. I will most likely do art in high school as an elective, but I plan on focusing on my grades in core classes so I can get a good education, make good grades, do good on all the tests, and get into a good college with scholarships. I would like to thank all of my art teachers over the years for teaching me the ways of art. I thoroughly appreciate them and taking time away from their families just to teach us. Thank you!

Henri Matisse

We have learned about several artist but Henri Matisse really interested me. Henri Matisse was a revolutionary and influential artist in the early 20th century best known for his expressive color and and form of his Fauvist style. He created many paintings and such that the world loved and was amazed by. So he kept creating until he eventually passed on November 3, 1954. Here is some of his art pieces:
Contour Line Drawing Tutorial