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This week, I'm thinking about FUNdations and Word Work...

Since FUNdations is very prescribed, I will focus most of this newsletter on additional Word Work strategies. However, after completing a few K-2 observations and reviewing Vanessa Howard's walk-through feedback, here a few things to remember during FUNdations instruction:

  • Make sure all of your posters/anchors are displayed in one central location. Students should be able to reference them from anywhere in the room, including carpet and desks.
  • Students should be up close (carpet or closely gathered) during teacher modeling then make their way back to desks for practice.
  • Follow the FUNDations guide sequence and directions carefully. If the lesson says not to review the entire alphabet chart, don't. If it says to introduce a particular word or sentence, do. The lessons are paced with time and student development in mind.

Word Work. I'll admit, I'm a little jealous that K-2 gets a perfectly prescribed program to follow. As many teachers have also mentioned, I find myself scrambling to find appropriate Word Work activities for grades 3-5. I took to the internet this evening, determined to find some fresh ideas! In the Forever Learning section of this newsletter, I've listed some activities/ideas for grades 3-5 specifically. However, several of them can be used in 1st and 2nd as well. Many can also be used in other content areas.

Just as with FUNdations, consistency and time management are key when it comes to Word Work. Some of the activities I share suggest longer increments of time. Don't give in!! Stick to the 20 or so minute plan. All of the activities can be modified to fit the time limits or stretched over two days.

Let me know if you try anything new and how it goes. Let's bring the fun back reading component #1!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday: PLCs - bring strategies and ideas for Tier 3 reading, math and behavior students

Thursday: Kim to IS meeting

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Forever Learning

Word Work strategies and ideas:

Word Graffiti: This vocabulary introduction can easily tie into decoding and identifying word parts which are evident throughout the Phonics Continuum. It's also a great strategy for cross-curriculuar activities.

Roll a Word: Again, a vocabulary strategy that can easily tie into the Phonics Continuum components. Also a great activity for when you have a sub and want students to review.

Word Work for Upper Elementary: I'm too cheap to purchase this Teachers Pay Teachers file. :) Some of the ideas were a little low level, but others were great. Click on the free preview and check out these strategies in particular: Cartoon It, Headline It, Present It, and Quote It. Maybe 4 of us can pitch in a $1 each and purchase it. Haha!!

One more TPT Word Work pack: Again, too cheap to purchase. Also, I'm not a fan of all the worksheets that would need to be copied, but I liked some of the menu board options and they do not all require a the snazzy worksheet.