Come to our rollercoaster!

The McDonald's Milkshake Burrito!

Our coaster has the best loops and turns!

We start slow then go super faster. Our rollercoaster is the best in the whole park. Everyone loves this coaster. Kids want to ride it forever when they come!

Our exciting parts!

Lowest PE!

This is where you go through our fastest loop and you shoot down, and swing back and forth into you come to a stop. This is also where our coaster ends. People love the end and where the lowest PE is because you feel like your on a ship! When you are really on a straight track. This is where the lowest PE is because all the PE has been changed into DE which makes it stops.

Our Reviews from customers!

  • From John Always: I love it. The highest KE point is SOO fun!
  • From Sara Long: I love the lowest PE point when it changes to DE then goes back and forth till it stops!
  • Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Everyone loves this coaster!

The coaster is so fun! We named areas!

The highest KE and greatest velocity: Billy Old

The lowest KE: Shipoy

The highest PE: Low John 2

The lowest PE: NomNom