19 January 2016 | #4

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Let's welcome the newly elected Executive Board 16/17!!!

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LCUM Delegates Are Ready to Rock MyLDS 2016 at UTP, Perak!! Pre-MyLDS is ongoing in UM!!

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Tired. Let us sleep a while. Zzzzzz-
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Do you know that some of our UM AIESECers are now all over the world for their Global Citizen adventure? Check out how they are doing!! :D

Alex's 5th Day in Mainland of China

Going to China for this Global Citizen Programme is indeed a decision which I had so far never regretted about it. These had provided me with a lot of learning points which I believe is very valuable for me.

However, things are not always as easy as it seems.

Firstly, i stayed overnight in the airport which is definitely a new experience for me.
Also, the cold weather in China is really something that I still can’t accustom to until now... However, I would say I am quite lucky considering the fact that I can understand Chinese and also communicating in it which provided me with a lot of benefits in trying to attain, Wifi or ask for directions.

Then, in the morning, my buddy brought me to his house which is in Shanghai and I am treated with an awesome Chinese meals with varieties of meat served :D

Anyway, this is only 5 days of the 38 days which I will be there. Things will definitely not stop here. I believe that it will just get greater and greater! There’s more to come! :D

KT Checking-In in Jaipur!

Well, there are quite a number of people that asked me how's my life over here at India. Sorry that I couldn't reply you on time as I just reached India two days ago and I was kind of occupied settling down here at Jaipur, India.

However, these actually give me an idea of sharing my experience at India, day by day via Facebook. First, it is an behavioral challenge on my own consistency. Second, I hope through these sharing it can actually rectify some of the wrong perception Malaysian people have towards India this country. And of course, attract more people out there especially my friends to participate in this AIESEC Global Citizen Programme.

Anyway, my first day at India was pretty challenging. I arrived at New Delhi at 8.30pm local time (FYI, there was a 2 and half hours difference in time zone between India and Malaysia) and there was no train to where am I staying which is Jaipur. I have to overnight at the airport under the cold weather of 5 degree celcius until the next day morning where I took a 5 hours bus from New Delhi to Jaipur. I have to admit it's kind of frightening when you have to travel alone in a country where you don't understand their language, you can't make any phone call to call for help if something happened (and you have absolutely no internet access), and worst you don't even know where you are except that the fact you are in somewhere around India.

Despite that, I survived and managed to reach my destination at Jaipur after several hours of travel. Thanks to that few Indian strangers who are willing to lend me a hand when I need it the most.

So here am I with my AIESEC project manager from India, having my first meal at India after starving for almost 24 hours.

I am yet to start my volunteering project here at India, which is the ultimate purpose why I am here. So stay tuned for more updates!

#MyAdventure | India: Departure

Sawadeekap from Minnie!

“This is the first decision I make by myself in my past 20-year life. Just believe me! I will become a better person after coming back” Minnie said to her parents.

Sawadeeka^^Chan Chue Minnie^^Chan Mak Zaak Malaysia....

This is the first time I travel abroad alone. This is one of the bravest action I would like to share with you guys. Setting aside all the tiredness and unhappiness, to be frankly AIESEC had given me such an opportunity for me to change myself to become a better person.

Before coming to Thailand, my heart was already truly moved by the hospitality and friendliness of my Thailand EP manager and buddy. I still remember they keep asking me what I would need or where I wish to go etc. I could not forget all these Good Samaritan who had ever appeared in my life when I was young.

I will always remember there is a person who will always pick up my call even though she is having a very important meeting just because she is worrying about me being alone in Thailand.(Ploy)

I will always remember there is a person who will always ask me what else I would like to eat although there is already have a lot of stuffs for me to eat.(Mew)

I will always remember there is a person who will capture my picture without my knowing during performance even though she would never be inside the picture.(Mew)

It’s such a wonderful Incoming Preparing Seminar (IPS) I had undergone. It is wonderful not only because of the fruitful content but mainly is owing to the adorable and lovely Thailand committee.

Being an AIESECer, it is not pretty hard to meet people from all around the world at the same time. However, it’s surprising to know to break the ice, gap and wall between the nationalities. Understand each other, tolerate each other and endure all the hardships is really not an easy thing for me.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!Chan Rak Khun Mak Mak Mak Mak Mak Mak Mak Mak Mak!!!!!!!!!!

#MyAdventure | Thailand: Departure

Ah Yeam Day 0+1 in Indonesia!!

I am thankful and blessed for this opportunity given by AIESEC UM and Unila with support from my family and friends. It has been a tiring but exciting journey since my arrival in Bandar Lampung. Met new friends, tried new food and explored new places. Although project hasn't started, I am happy to have this opportunity mingling around in another country. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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LCVP Round 2 Application Is Now Opened!!!


Hereby I would like to launch the second round of LCVP 16/17 application! This time only positions for TM, MarComm and iGCP will be open.

You may find the application package here: https://goo.gl/JuUjq6

Important dates:
Application deadline: 1/2/2016 (Monday), 22:00 GMT+8
Virtual Q&A: 3/2/2016 (Wednesday)
Virtual Vote of Confidence: 5/2/2016 (Friday)

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Best regards,
Toh Nyon Nyin
Local Committee President Elect 1617

EST and NTF Application is open!!

Calling all members of AIESEC in Malaysia including Senior and Junior Executives!!

AIESEC in Malaysia & MC Malaysia invite you to get on board to an experiential leadership journey towards "Every youth in Malaysia is actively involved in building a united nation".

Entity Support Team (EST) and National Task Force 1617 application is now OPEN! The application form links are in the booklet itself.

For JEs, SEs, newly elected VPs, it is one national opportunity for you to get exposed to a much bigger picture of AIESEC! Go and grab the opportunities as much as possible and even bring back the learning to our LC. Opportunities don't knock so often!

Read more (PDF): http://bit.ly/learnexperiencecontribute
Read more (issuu): http://bit.ly/estntfissuu

Application deadline (EST): 30th Jan 2016
Application deadline (NTF): 27th Jan 2016

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