Poverty and Homelessness

Lets Bring Poverty and Homelessness to an end!

What is Poverty and Homelessness?

Poverty and Homelessness is where they are extremely poor and they dont have a home or money.


Population growth causes Poverty and Homelessness,Populations causes these things because when the population becomes higher people demand for more resources causing other people that were already there to lose their houses and jobs.


Poverty and slum conditions pose a serious public health threat this is because they pretty much live outside or in boxes in the cold and so its like their boxes are in the way of people and if they do eat it would be out of garages and then that would be all over the place.

Homelessness and Homelessness raising

Poverty and Hunger also deal with homelessness which means they have no permanent home. Being homeless is bad because you are pretty much just living out on the streets and you dont have any money so you cant eat or drink water so you will ask/beg people for money to help.1,000 campers slept on the Drake Stadium football field for Iowa's homeless community.To raise awarness for Reggie who was a young man who was found dead in the Des Moines River three months after aging out of the foster care system.