Kennedy's Dream Vacation

Brazil Facts

My dream vacation is Brazil. Brazil is located in South America. I want to visit this place because of the exotic wildlife. The beautiful sights, food, and amazing wildlife is what makes Brazil amazing!

Brazil Facts

  1. Brazil's capital is Brasilia
  2. Brazil is home to the Amazon Rain forest
  3. Has won the World Soccer Cup five times
  4. Covers most of South America
  5. Rio De Janerio is home to one of the seven wonders of the new world: Christ the Redeemer
  6. Second largest Christian country in the world
  7. in 2011, Brazil was the largest coffee producer in the world
  8. has the largest Roman Catholic religion in the world
  9. 200 million people live in Brazil
  10. has the largest biodiversity in the world


It will take 10 hours and 5 minutes to get to Brazil. Brazil is 4,194 miles away from Houston, Texas. I will go alone but if any of my friends or family want to go, I'll bring them!. I will get there by plane. I will stay for two weeks.


I will stay in the hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro. JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro is right on the beach and has indoor pool and outdoor pool and hot tub. It also has a business lounge with staff that speaks both Spanish and English. I will pack hiking clothes, the necessities, a bathing suit, and more hiking clothes. I will also pack a backpack with water and snacks for the trip!


My entire trip will cost: $5223


Spending money: $600

Food: $226

Travel: $132

Airfare: $203

Gas: $268


I'm going to tour the Amazon Rain forest, hike the Andes Mountains, and try to save the Amazon. Hiking, yoga, and many many different activates are offered by Brazil. Some opportunities are wildlife that I'll see and new places I'll go too!




Amazon picture:

Christ the Redeemer: