A Little Bit Scary

By, Dorothy Baker

You may think GomNom is scary, but...

GomNom uses his magic to help other OmNoms in need. He also works at a charity for screenless OmNoms. He helps the charity by getting more people to buy Cut The Rope so the OmNoms can get the candy. GomNom also is a comedian at a night club. GomNom is a very sweet OmNom.

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Good Deeds

GomNom always had a passion for helping the young OmNoms by preforming magic tricks and reading books to them. GomNom helps the crazy elder OmNoms go to retirement homes and takes them on rides on his invisible unicorn. He also gets weird crazy cats that look like OmNoms out of trees.


GomNom comes from a family of nine septilion OmNoms and when he was born from two elderly crazy OmNoms named ShomNom and QuamNom they had given birth to a weird majic OmNom named GomNom. GomNom has for million sisters and one brother.


GomNom likes talking to OmBama the president of the OmNom states about how he hates taxes and wants to obviate them. GomNom also loves competitive ping pong and has won the OmNom Olympics. GomNom is the best OmNom in his family of septilion.

My Favorite Things

GomNom loves Mac & OmNomcheese. GomNom's favorite sport is extreme coponing.

GomNom favorite intrament is the tamborine.