Go Green Sculptor/Artist

Made By: Lauren L

Salary!!! ^-^

The average salary an Artist makes is fifty eight thousand seven hundred nineteen dollars. ($58,719) That's a pretty good amount if I do say so myself.

You Need An Education!!! XD

Well in actuality you don't need to have proper education, meaning you don't need to go to collage. But it would be beneficial to have some sort of degree. The degree recommended to have is a Bachelor of fine arts degree.

>.< Some creation that are made by: Ptolemy Elrington

While being an Artist, you can meet many different people! ~(^-^~)

\(^.^)/ Advantages & Disadvantages =3=


  1. you can make awesome creations
  2. You get to help the planet in a fun, creative way
  3. Even if the material is garbage, it just makes the art more unique


  1. People may not like that sort of art
  2. No one will actually realize the problems of pollution
  3. The art may not turn out the way the artist wanted