Diff Mining and Fracking Types

Alla Shchetinina

Surface And Subsurface types

Surface- Strip, Open pit, Mountain top Removal

Subsurface- Slope, Drift, Shaft

Surface- Strip

Strip mining is striping away the earth and then getting all the rich minerals of the earth and using it to make energy or other things.

Effects on the environment

  • Toxic waste can really hurt animals and humans
  • pollution
  • coal fires
  • heavy metals are released into lakes and river causing the animals to die

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Surface- Open pit

Open pit is almost the same as strip mining but a bit different. Open mining is mining underground with just a slight difference.

Effect on the Environmental

  • The soil is a protective cover so when we remove it we set free harmful substances.
  • The air water and also the good soil is effected.

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Mountain Top Removal

Mountain Top Removal is when miners remove the mountain top by blowing it up and then mining for coal.

Effects on the Environment

  • The Appalachian Mountains are home to millions of animals and know because of this mining the animals have less and less room to roam and they have less food and water
  • Also for the people that live near the mountains they are suffering from bad chemicals from deep with in the earth. The water is getting polluted. They air too.

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Subsurface Slopping is when miners clear away some of the soil and it slides down the side of the mountain.

Effects on the Environment

  • Landslides that`s why most of them happen slopping mine slopping.
  • The mud that comes off the mountain goes into rivers lakes or on the road.
  • Mining for coal is both important and harmful
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Drift Subsurfacing is going underground and mining.

Effect on the Environment

  • Same as all the rest of them

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Lowering yourself to the ground with an elevation thing


  • Same as the rest of them

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Liquid is sent down to decompose the rocks quickly.


  • Same as the rest

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