Factors Affecting Participation



Disability Affects Participation Sometimes Because Of Lack Of Opportunity's That There Is For People With Disabilities For Example Facilities Can Effect Disabled People Participating In Sport Because Sometimes The Corridoors Are Not Wide Enough For Wheelchair Users To Get Into And Doors Are Sometimes Not Wide Enough For Wheelchairs To Get Through And There May Be No Lifts Which Means There Is No Access To Upper Floors For Wheelchair Users. In Sport For The Disabled There Are Six Different Categories, These Are: Les Autres, Wheelchair, Vision Impaired, Cerebral Palsy, Amputees And Intellectual Dissability. To Help The Athletes The Rules In Sports Are Modified To Help Disabled Athletes.


Age Can Affect Participation Because When We Are Younger Our Muscles And Bones Tend To Not Be Very Strong So If We Competed In A Sport Our Sporting Ability May Not Be Very Good But As We Get Older Out Muscles And Bones Tend To Grow So Our Sporting Ability Will Increase But Our Stamina And Physicality Tends To Decrease. Also Our Flexibility Tends To Decrease As We Get Older So As We Get Older People Tend To Play Less Physical Sports Such As Darts.


Environment Can Affect Participation Because If An Athlete Is Too Hot They Could Become Dehydrated But If The Weather Is Too Cold Then An Athlete Could Lose Interest n Playing The Sport. Sometimes Weather Can Be So Bad That Many Sports Activites Are Called Off/Cancelled Because It Is To Cold, To Warm, To Foggy, To Icy etc


Gender Can Affect Participation Because Men And Women Do Not Tend To Compete Against Each Other In Sport Because Of Significant Differences For Example Women Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Her Performance And Sports Such As Rugby Tend To Be Played More By Men And Sports Like Gymnastics Tend To Be More Womens Sports Because Women Tend To Be More Flexible. Mens Testosterone Levels Tend To Be Higher Than Womens So Men Have Bigger And Stronger Muscles.


There Are 3 Main Somatotypes:

Ectomorph - Tall, Narrow Shoulders And A Thin Body

Endomorph - Pear Shaped Body, And Alot Of Body Fat

Mesomorph - Muscley, Broad Shoulders.