Tribal Tribune

January 15, 2016

End of an Abnormal Week!

Good Friday Afternoon,

Well we have made it through a week of abnormality! I don't know about you but weeks that come with two hour delays and cancellations often to me feel like longer weeks. As a person that appreciates a routine this week was far from that!

As you all know next Wednesday we will be doing our ISTEP stress test for the state beginning at 10:00 a.m. Please refer back to the email sent to you from Mr. Adams earlier in the week. I am also excited to share that we do have a couple of Convocations in the next couple of weeks. First on January 27th @ 1:00 pm we will have a convocation on the Heroin epidemic, that will be brought to us from the Union City Police Department. Then on February 1st we will be having a convocation on bullying presented by SADD. I am excited about both of these and will be sure to share more information about scheduling when the time gets closer.

As we head into the weekend I want to encourage you to take some time for yourself. Bundle up and go for a walk (get those steps in), or snuggle in and read or watch your favorite neflix series. Just keep in mind that we are getting closer everyday to spring and that the short days of winter are going one by one!


Kelly Stephen Sportsmanship Award Winner- Isaac Davison

On Saturday, January 9, 2016 Isaac Davison was recognized as the Kelly Stephen Sportsmanship Award winner. This is a very prestigious award that is given out to a Randolph County Male every year during the basketball tournament. The Kelly Stephen Award is one that is near to the hearts of many of us that have been around Randolph County and got to know Kelly and his wife Cathy.

I believe Coach Baldwin said it best in his nomination when he said "Isaac is the exact kind of player and person Kelly would have been rooting for in the tournament."

Congratulations Isaac!

District 9 DECA Competition a Huge Success

On Wednesday night Union City got to host the District 9 DECA competition once again. This is a big event for our students and I owe Ms. Kuehl a huge Thank You for hosting and putting on such a great competition! Great job to Kuehl and all of our students who have qualified for the state competition in March.

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

2nd Place Hailey Mills

Business Finance

2nd Place Keaton Collins

Financial Consulting

2nd Place Yenni Perez

Hotel and Lodging Management

1st Place Landry Zimmers

Human Resource Management

2nd Place Kayla Hill

Marketing Management

2nd Place Joette Sigler

Professional Selling

1st Place Elizabeth Sowinski

Retail Merchandising

1st Place Justin Fields

Business Law and Ethics

2nd Place Haley Whitesel and Kahlee Dowler

Buying and Merchandising

2nd Place Tiffany Reagan Emily Bentz

Marketing Communication

1st Place Kora Kerns and Emma Baron

Hospitality Services Team

1st Place Courtney Pearson and Ellexsis Cook

2nd Place Yogen Solanki and Elizabeth Casillas

Sports and Entertainment Team

1st Place Ellie Kerns and Connor Kerns

2nd Place Isaac Davison and Jayden Baker

Travel & Tourism Team

1st Place Cassie Martin and Emily Cline

2nd Place Amber Curry and Corrie Lykins