Alternative Music

What Is Alternative Music?

Well, lets start it off like this, alternative music isn't very well known. There's actually only two bands that do alternative music. Alternative music is a mix of pop and rock/punk music. For me, I don't like pure pop or pure rock that much, but when I'm listening to alternative music, I just love it. Most people these days usually like country or pop, but I always prefer a little rock in my songs. Sure, I listen to pop because there're a lot of artists and bands that do pop music. I like pop a little bit, but I'd prefer alternative over pop. Alternative songs are like a wave. They go up, wild and crazy (rock), and they go down, softly, or in between (pop). Though, alternative music may have some awfully dirty words you don't usually hear in pop songs, that's cause of course, there's rock in there. I definitely recommend people listen to it more, like, most of the songs begin weirdly, but it gets better and better! People need more patience to music these days, like gee......

Which Bands Do Alternative Music?

You may have never heard of these bands, but I'll tell you an old alternative band that lasted for 12 years before their break up. That doesn't mean that there are no more alternative bands, there are two, actually. My Chemical Romance was a band that lasted 2001-2013. Their lead singer, Gerard Way, just didn't know what to name his 4th album. He already knew what his second album was going to be called even before they recorded their first album! And when they got to their third album, he just didn't know what to call it. So he called it, "Welcome to the Black Parade", because that song was about him fighting his struggle knowing that the band was going to end. And indeed, the band did end. Next, we have Fall Out Boy, and their latest three albums got tons and tons of views, and got them lots more listeners! Their top songs are: "Centuries", "Uma Thurman", and many, many, more! And the last band on this list is Panic! At The Disco. Sure, the band has a strange name, but don't judge a book by its cover! This band is a hard working band because there's now only one person in the band, and it's Brendan Urie! He plays all the instruments and does all the solos himself! Then he puts it in an advance editor that helps him create his songs. There use to be many more people in the band, but now it's just him. Their latest album just got released 2 weeks ago! A couple of their top-hit songs are: "This is Gospel", and "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies", which was made when the band was actually together.
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