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AIS West December 2020

You Are Doing a Great Job!

Dear High School Students,

We are proud of your hard work and effort during these difficult times! We hope you are following the health and safety guidelines to keep yourself and your beloved ones safe. Know that we are all here to support you with your learning. If you have any questions, please reach out!

The High School Administration Team.

December Calendar

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Spirit Week Fun!

Thank you to all who contributed to AIS West Spirit Week and helped the seniors with their CAS project.

A Message From the High School Counselor

Below are some tips from Dr. Les Potter on how to succeed at online learning:

1) Be organized

It is very important to have a plan when learning online on your own. Without someone there to monitor your activities, it is easy to forget about time and priorities. Make a daily plan about what material is to be covered and what subjects you need to study that day and incorporate specific break times. Plan your day out. This is a lot easier than trying to catch up or to cram everything at the last minute. This is an important tip to learn for college as well when you do not have parents there to help you and professors are not going to constantly remind you when an assignment or project is due.

2) Minimize distractions and procrastination

Create a designated study area for yourself in your room or at a desk where you normally do your school work. Put your phone on silent. Do not get distracted by the TV, music or family conversations. This is your time to do your work. Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today.

3) Determine your subject study plan

You have specific blocks of time for each subject and class but it is up to you to decide on your study plan. Studying 7 subjects a day can be very stressful. Coming up with a plan of grouping subjects together, format for example on your at home days will be more helpful. You do not want to get overwhelmed with assignments and homework. Use your time wisely.

4) Prepare for your classes in advance and ask teachers for support

WIth online learning it is not always possible to have your questions answered during this time. Reading ahead or watching videos about the material before your live class will help you better understand the material and save you time. Plus if you might have a question from your reading or watching and you can ask the teacher the next time you see him/her.

Teachers are here to help you but they don't always know when you have a question, or don't understand something or are struggling with an issue, reach out to your teacher for academic support.

You need focus and discipline to be successful. If you have a question, ask! Do not use excuses if you are not doing well academically. Colleges only want to see the core courses you are taking and your grades. It is up to you to always do your best!

5) Use online resources

There are many online resources that are available to you. They can be very valuable to you.

Dr. Les Potter

Why Students Need to Prepare For College in 10th Grade

10th graders will have a big choice next year. Do I take a full International Baccalaureate for two years, the full American Diploma, or a mixture of both?

Preparing for college is similar to securing a job. You have to plan and be prepared. Have an idea of what college you want to go to and find out what their admissions requirements are. Be familiar with what if any standardized tests are requirements for admission. Take the correct test when the college wants you to.

Start to build a strong extracurricular profile. Extracurriculars are important in college admissions. They give shape and personality to each student's application, as they express their passions. When possible be involved in something----athletics, music, drama, art, volunteer work, internship, clubs and other activities.

While you are preparing for college throughout your high school career, it is important that there be an open dialogue between you and your parents. Your parents are not only there to support you, but can be a valuable resource for getting advice on college and careers. Your parents know you best and they are always looking out for your best interests.

Dr. Les Potter

Semester Exam or Project

Your teachers have communicated details about the Semester 1 exam or project that will count towards 20% of Semester 1 total grade. Plan a calendar to manage studying. Get good sleep. Reach out to your teachers if you have any questions!

Creative Writing Class

High School Creative Writing students have recently been given a great opportunity to showcase their talents. As we were working with poetry, students were asked to describe an ideal society, in an ideal world. Here is Nour Elghaly’s outlook on what a utopian society would be like, written in poetic form. Thank you, Nour, for sharing your poem!

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IB Learner Profile Award

Each month we recognize a student and a teacher who exceptionally demonstrate an IB Learner Profile attribute. For November we have recognized the "Balanced" attribute.

Balanced students and teachers understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.

Teacher of the Month

Ms. Nesreen Bassiouny. This is what her colleagues wrote about her:

"Ms. Nesreen is hardworking, organized and multitasking this year. She balances between planning lessons to her IB and non-IB students at different grade levels, and always presents helpful and creative ideas to her colleagues and students. Moreover, she never hesitates to provide guidance to all her peers and students, always with a smile and patience."

Student of the Month

Youssef Eltabbakh. This is what his teachers wrote about him:

"Youssef is a student that balances all aspects of his life. He keeps good relationships with his classmates and teachers, works for fitness and health playing soccer, and shows respect to our learning community."

Stay safe and well as we approach the Winter Break!

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