4K P.M. Class

Red Smith

November 16, 2015

Last Week...

  • We put different lengths of paper in order by measuring sizes. Vocabulary words we used were: short, medium. and long.
  • We learned what a period looks like and that a period tells us when to stop reading and take a breath. At writing time, we talked about a period being at the end of a sentence to let us know the sentence is finished. See if your child can find a period while listening to a story.
  • Look at the picture of the pocket chart-When we grown up... The children practiced touching the words while reading.
  • Remember to talk to your child about your job and what kind of community helper you are. A lot of the children could not tell me what their grownups did for a job. At the dinner table, ask them what was good about their day and prompt them to do the same to you.

Upcoming Dates...

  • Have your child return their feather to school on Monday, November 16th so we can create our turkey.
  • Hearing Screening is November 17th.
  • Square One Art is due Wednesday, November 18th.
  • No school Wednesday, November 25th & Thursday, November 26th.

Songs and Movement We Have Learned...

Click on the links below to watch the You Tube videos-

ABC Mouse-Letter Ff song


Act It Out


This Week In 4K...

  • We will be making a book called Where Is Turkey? that will focus on position words. See if you child can show you to put something on, under, next to, behind, in front, and between.
  • Tommy Turkey (BINGO)is a song we will learn and bring home to share with the family. Help your child sing the song and talk about the letters that spell TOMMY.
  • We are getting ready for Thanksgiving in 4K by having some centers that involve cleaning and cooking. Have your child help clean and dry some dishes after a family meal.

Letter G Activities...

1. Make a picture using glue and gold glitter.

2. Put on and take off gloves.

3. Chew gum.

4. Eat gummy bears.

5. Pick up garbage.

6. Visit the grocery store.

7. Read The Gingerbread Man.

8. Practice writing "G" over, around, across

9. Practice writing "g" over, around, down, and curve

Please bring a show and tell object that starts with the letter Gg on Thursday, November 19th. Have your child practice sharing one detail about their object to a family member to prepare them for our Show & Tell community circle time.