Medical Advancement

From then to now

Learning objectives

Students will identify how technology has changed in the medical field to help identify diseases in the last ten years.

Students will state the needs for change in technology in the medical field.

Real world problem

Disease are constantly morphing, and we need the technology to identify them.

Disease burden is the impact of a health problem in an area measured by financial cost, mortality, morbidity, or other indicators.

Dr Sandra Cabot's Live Blood Analysis - Victoria Taylor ND

Essential questions that we need to ask



Students will produce each of the following:

  1. Research report formatting the paper consistent with APA guidelines

  2. Video script

  3. Six to eight minute video

Each student will complete a documentary movie six to eight minutes in length about their research. The event highlight for this project will be a documentary night in which family and friends will be sent invitations to attend. Two classrooms will be arranged to resemble theatres and students will present their project documentaries on this night.


Content and Scientific Merit (60 points)


○ Defines background and importance of research.

○ States objective, and is able to identify relevant questions.


○ Presenter has a scientifically valid argument.

○ Addresses audience at an appropriate level (rigorous, but generally understandable to a scientifically-minded group).

○ Offers evidence of proof/disproof.

○ Describes methodology.

○ The talk is logical.


○ Summarizes major points of talk.

○ Summarizes potential weaknesses (if any) in findings.

○ Provides you with a “take-home” message.

Speaking Style/Delivery (20 points)

○ Speaks clearly and at an understandable pace.

○ Maintains eye contact with audience.

○ Well rehearsed (either extemporaneous or scripted presentation).

○ Limited use of filler words (“umm,” “like,” etc.).

○ Speaker uses body language appropriately.

○ Speaker is within time limits.

○ Speaker is able to answer questions professionally.

○ Speaker is dressed appropriately.

Audio/Visual (20 points)

○ Graphs/figures are clear and understandable.

○ The text is readable and clear.

○ Audio/Visual components support the main points of the talk.

○ Appropriate referencing of data that is/was not generated by presenter

General Comments


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