7th Grade Newsletter

Week of December 3rd, 2018

Class Information

Ruiz - ELA

Students reviewed the identification and usage of adjectives while I was out of the classroom for surgery.

They continued to practice their application of the R.A.P.P format on questions about O. Henry's short story, A Retrieved Reformation. The story is available as both an audio file and PDF on Google Classroom.

Students ended the week by using the first person perspective to give readers a different and more accurate representation of the events that took place during A Retrieved Reformation.

As a class, we discussed not only the strengths and weaknesses of using the third-person perspective, but also the flaws of O. Henry's narrator. This particular narrator not only focused on what many would consider to be trivial details, but also omitted details of the most significant year in the life of his protagonist.

Students have little more than a week to reach their AR goals. Roughly a third of students have reached their goals, another third is on their way to reaching their goals, and a final third has yet to make any progress towards their goals. This week, students will be sending you an email updating you on their progress.

Important Upcoming Date: December 18th, 2018

AR goals must be met by the end of the school-day.

Sullinger - Science

We are finishing our last Motion and Force Unit on Wednesday! To finish out the year we will be doing a project. The final project will be due on Tuesday, December 18th. I will send out the details later in the week.

December 10th - December 14th Agenda:

Monday: Lesson over Density Homework: Finish the worksheet from in class

Tuesday: Review Gravity, Friction, Buoyancy and Density Homework: Study for final quiz

Wednesday: Quiz

Thursday: Start Project

Friday: Work Day

Morelock - Math

This unit we are trying something new. Students will be moving through the topics at their own pace. Some students will be able to move ahead while others will be able to receive more time on lessons. Before winter break, students will be tested over what they have been able to work through. Instruction will still be taking place only in small groups. This will allow students to more instruction at a level that meets their personal needs. All students are working through topic 4, Expressions. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

Cerutti - Pre-Algebra

Pre-Algebra tested over Ratios, Rates, and Proportions this past week. They (as a whole) did incredibly well with over half the students getting As! I was so excited for them! They then started a new unit over Percents, Fractions, and Decimals today. That test will not be until after Christmas Break. All retakes from this quarter are due by December 18th.

Cerutti - Algebra

Algebra students started a new unit over writing linear equations in multiple forms. All retakes from this quarter are due by December 18th.

Eastep - Design and Modeling

Each design groups are building their engineering portfolio to share in class. The portfolio includes: Design brief, sketches, research, brainstorming documentation, design process documentation, prototype images, data from testing, design solution, cad drawings, graphs showing feedback gathered from testing, design modifications, and final reflection. The portfolio should clearly convey their thought process and for their therapeutic toy challenge.

Delaney - Computer Literacy

Students completed their presentations using EMaze and have begun working on their final project. Each team of students will collaborate to create a business plan for a restaurant including a floor plan, menu, budget and website home page. As the semester and class come to a close, teams will present informally to the class on December 18th and 19th.

Important Upcoming Date: Business plans are due on December 17th.

Greco - World Languages

This week we continued learning French vocabulary. We took a pre-test at the beginning of the week to see what French words we knew. We will take the test again next week to see how much we are learning. We expanded our greetings vocabulary and learned our numbers 1-10 in French.

Baker and Milne - Physical Education

We have been playing Lacrosse this week. It's fun to watch our students try something they aren't very familiar with and see the joy on their faces as they improve their skills throughout the unit. We will start basketball next week and that will take us up to winter break.

Mrs. Holtzscher - Band

Students should be practicing for their concert every single night.

Important Upcoming Date: Wednesday 12/12/18 at 6PM-Band Concert

Rolls - Choir

This is a quick reminder that our Barry Winter Choir Concert is next week!!

The official date of the concert is next Thursday, December 13th @ 6:30 p.m. in the Barry School gymnasium. It will last until approximately 7:00-7:15 p.m. This concert is a mandatory event and is a large portion of their choir grade. In order for students to receive full credit, they must be on time and stay for the entire concert.

***All choir students must be at Barry, in the choir room, no later than 6:00 p.m. on the night of the concert.

Concert Dress

Boys: Nice pants; black, khaki, navy, grey, etc. (preferably no blue jeans or white wash jeans, please), a black or white shirt/polo/button down, and neutral colored shoes.

Girls: Black, white, or grey dress OR skirt OR pants (leggings may be worn if worn with a longer top or with a dress), a black or white top, and neutral colored shoes.

Please let Miss Rolls know if you have any questions.

Important Upcoming Date:

Thursday, December 13th @ 6:30 p.m.