Trans-boundary Pollution in Europe

a real mist-demenor


What words or phrases do you think of when you hear the word "Chernobyl"? Use the picture to help you.

Chernobyl before the blast

The Chernobyl power plant is located in Ukraine, and about 130 km from Kiev and 20 km from the South border of Belarus. Chernobyl is located in the city of Pripyat, home to 49000 residents as of 1979, 7 years prior to the big boom.

Key Terms

Acid rain-rain that can deteriorate or damage buildings, statues, cars, etc. due to exhaust from factories or cars that mix with water in the atmosphere.

Nuclear Radiation- a form of radiation as a result of nuclear energy which can cause harm to people and animals.

Transboundary pollution- pollution that originates in one country but, by crossing the border through pathways of water or air, is able to cause damage to the environment in another country.

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