Extravagent Earthworms

Created by: Joseph McConnell

Earthworms (Lumbricina)

Earthworms live in the soil , or earth,(hence the name earthworm) during the day and crawl along the surface collecting food during the day. The predators of the earthworm are birds, frogs, salamanders, and many species of fish. The earthworm feeds on decaying plants, and then recycles it's food back into the ecosystem. Earthworms can be found all over the world. This is only possible because they have adapted to their environment. The earthworm one of the most adapted worms in the world.
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The Earthworm


  • To understand what an earthworm is
  • To learn about the internal and external parts of an earthworm
  • To understand the importance of an earthworm

The Movement of an Earthworm

The earthworm moves very differently than humans. The earthworm has circular segments covering it's body. To move the earthworm pushes the segments forward. The worm has rough bristles that it forces onto the ground, holding it in place. The earthworm then contracts the segments together and starts the process over.