PSSA Highlights-Field Trip Reminder

Mrs. Jaeger's Classroom

Important Information

Students will be taking the English Language Arts PSSA on April 11th-15th & the Math PSSA on April 18th-22nd. It’s hard to believe we are just one week away from the start of PSSA testing! Please make every attempt to have your child in attendance on these dates to take these assessments. PDE encourages us to share information with our parents. Therefore, please click on the following links to view testing information and the electronics/cell phone policies during the PSSA: &

Testing is scheduled from 9:30AM-11:30AM on these dates. Please DO NOT schedule any appointments or trips for your child during these test times. Students arriving after 8:50AM will not be permitted to take the test on that day and will have to attend a make-up testing session.

Letters of Encouragement

The fifth grade teachers have found a wonderful way for you to give your child an extra, 'you got this', 'just do you best' and 'we love you' message before they open their PSSA booklets over the next two weeks. I included a PDF to this newsletter (and to the original e-mail) that contains notecards, one for each day of testing. To leave your child a message, print the PDF and write a message to your child on each notecard. Feel free to have different members of your family write messages or draw pictures that will bring a smile to your child's face. Then send them to school in a sealed envelope written to "Mrs Jaeger". I would like to keep these messages a secret and place one message on their desks each morning before arrival. I think the notes could help them feel your support just before they move into testing mode. Some teachers have done this in the past and have said the kids grin and smile with the heart-filled messages.


1. Print PDF from Mrs. Jaeger's e-mail

2. Write a message, draw a picture, attach a photo on each notecard (one for each day of testing)

3. Return the notecards to me in a sealed envelope (to keep it a surprise)

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Philadelphia Field Trip

T-Shirt Sizes

Our annual fifth grade class trip to Philadelphia is planned for Friday, May 27th! Each year, we order t-shirts for our 5th graders to commemorate this exciting trip! We are excited to announce that this year each student will be provided with a t-shirt to wear on the trip. Thanks to the Home and School, there is no extra cost for the shirt! J

In order to have the t-shirts in time, we are collecting sizes for all fifth grade students.

I will be asking students for their t-shirt size on Friday, April 8th. If you want to review your child's size with them, that would be great!

Chaperones will not need to wear matching t-shirts.

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Required Clearances for Field Trip