Exploring the Underground Railroad

Bryce Vonzurmuehlen

Why YOU Should Escape?

The Peculiar Institution in the South has treated men and women like you terribly for centuries.

A better life is ahead! Nobody should die a slave and other African Americans everyday are fleeing to the north and Canada, living liberated and safer lives.

How to Achieve Freedom!

You know you want freedom, the perpetual Floggings and torture are too much to handle. The new overseer your master has hired is very aggressive and you can't stand to look at him. As the night approaches, wait in your quarters until everyone is asleep. look in the distance and see the master and his family have gone to bed. Wait for the moment the overseer is not near the entrance and make your dash to the nearby woods. Coming out of Alabama you will be able to trek along what us abolitionists call the Underground Railroad. Coming out of the heart of the Black Belt area, look up to the sky and follow the north star and the flocks of birds migrating back north as your starting points. Throughout your journey be sure to hop into ponds and streams to shake the scent off the slave catchers will be following with hounds. Nights will be long and rough, along the path there will be safe houses stationed to keep you there until you can transfer to the next destination. Be sure to tell them you are a "Friend of a friend" to gain entrance into thier household. Don't get offended if some of the children you encounter in these families refer to you as a "Darkie" they just don't know anything else since they have been raised in the culture their whole lives. Transferring from house to house as you progress now from Alabama to Tennessee and Kentucky, you are almost at the breaking point. The Ohio River is right outside your grasp. On cloudy days be sure to look at the moss on the trees as this will lead you north as well. Now that you have reached the river only 3 more main cities lay in your path. Entering Cincinnati you will see other freed blacks like your newfound self. Some may be in hiding wearing different clothes to make sure catchers don't snatch them up. Catchers are permitted to enter northern states and capture slaves now so you must be very cautious as you trek up through Columbus and on to Cleveland. Abolitionists are more densely located here and you can seek out aid her as many will guide you too Lake Erie. Once in Cleveland you must sneak onto a boat heading straight to the heavens. Canada is the goal and you are gaining ground quickly now. Freedom is now present and the sigh of relief is overwhelming. Walking into Canadian land you now face a new conflict. Where will you go? What will you do to make money? Where are others finding refuge? Luckily Brakemen will be there in the cities to assist you as you embark on a new chapter in your life as a free, independent African American man.

The Underground Railroad: A Journey to Freedom