Mrs. B's Weekly News

What did you do at school today? Nothing? No way!!!

Fall Conference Signups

Conferences will be held this year on November 3rd and 4th Please click the link and sign up for a conference time If you signed up at back to school night, I have already filled in your child's name.

Spirit Week was a BLAST!

Ask anyone....I love dress up days!! It was great to wear pajamas to school on Monday and to get to wear a cape to school too. We celebrated each day and the students had so much fun getting to see what creative outfits everyone came up with!

Happy Birthday to David this week!

Next week's Star Student will be Marques. Every student will have the opportunity to be our Star Student and share a little bit about themselves with their Star Student poster.

Octobers Tiger Trait is Integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. I will choose one student each month that is displaying our monthly Tiger Trait and that student will be recognized at our quarterly assembly and our monthly lunch with the principals. Have a talk with your child about INTEGRITY and how they can show it at school and at home.


We talked this week about character, setting and main idea. Students know that the setting is where the story takes place, the characters are the people or animals that the story is about and the main idea is what the story is mostly about.

We read the story "Chrysanthemum " by Kevin Henkes and talked about connections to the feelings Chrysanthemum has about being made fun of. We also continue to retell the story using words like First, Next, Then and Last. These words are important for retelling a story and also help us in our writing process too.

We have been learning some new vocabulary words this week too. I encourage the students to use these in their everyday talk. I challenged them to use them at home too this week. Ask your child what the following words mean.






Big image

Buddy Vowels

Whoa Boy!! We have finally completed the sounds for vowel town!!

We unloaded the R bus and delivered the sounds that live in the apARtments

er, ir, ur



We learned where "what's your name e" goes when spelling a word whose vowel says it's name. e goes to the end of the word like in core. We spent some time making short vowel words into long vowel words by adding an e to the end.

Example: cod becomes code

We also learned that when we have a long e sound, those ee's stick together like in the word need.

You can practice this skill at home:

Have your child read the following short vowel words and then add an e to the end to make them long vowel words.







We continue to talk about personal narratives and how they are stories about us. We worked on our final copies of our stories. Next week we will do a writing assessment to wrap up our quarter one writing unit.

We have been talking about nouns too. A noun is a person, place, thing or animal. Students have been able to recognize nouns in sentences and have had a good time discovering just how many nouns we know!!


We have been adding and adding and adding!!

We learned that all addition sentences have partners.

An addition sentence is a part + part = whole, so it doesn't really matter which part comes first. Ex: 4+5=9 or 5+4=9

We took our Topic 1 assessment this week and you should see those come home next week.

This is a great time to begin some addition flashcards at home. Building our fluency for math facts is important and will help us with all the other math concepts in the future. Ask your child to show you Reflex Math at home. I sent home their logins and they are welcome to use this program at home.

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The Westview family will be collecting pop tabs again this year for Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City. In this POP TAB CHALLENGE each grade level will be competing quarterly to bring in the most tabs. The winning grade level will decide upon a reward along with their teachers.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser packets are due Oct. 17th

Snack - Please remember to send in your monthly snack for the class. We ask that each student bring 24 snacks to share at the beginning of the month.

KEEP READING and filling out your monthly reading logs. We will begin the BOOK IT program in October. Those students that fill out their reading logs and have read at least 300 min each month will earn a free pizza from Pizza Hut!!

Our fall party will be held on Oct. 28th at 2:30 pm. I am so grateful for those that have signed up to bring something and help out on that day!