The Road of Perseverance

5 People Who Overcame Adversity

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the action of not giving up on a goal. It is being ambitious and determined to reach a goal with conviction. Perseverance is not being overwhelmed by adversity and yielding to triumph.
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Winston Churchill (Cause & Effect)

During World War II, England was under attack by Nazi Germany and being greatly defeated. A man named Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister at that time. People of England were quickly losing hope because of their place in the war at the time. This caused Winston Churchill to give his "Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat" speech to bring up the hopes of those in England and to make them more determined to not give up. He also used his leadership skills to create allies to help them fight, which were the United States and the Soviet Union. His actions caused England to win the war, and without him England may having given up on the Road of Perseverance and stopped fighting against Nazi Germany.

Robby Novak; Kid President (Description)

Robby Novak is best known as a Youtube sensation named ‘Kid President.’ He is a resilient and inspirational kid. Both Robby and his sister, Lexi, have a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, or OI. This condition means that his bones aren’t as strong or developed as a normal person’s bones because his body has a lack of normal collagen, which is needed to form strong bones. This disease also means that his bones can break or fracture very easily. Every few months, he has to get an infusion of medicine to make his bones stronger because of his condition, which takes five hours to complete the process. Robby has had 70 plus bone breaks and his sister with the same disease has had over 80 bone breaks and 14 surgeries. Despite these adversities, he remains positive and acts as a normal kid. He perseveres through hardships and doesn’t let his disease keep him from being a kid. For example, he rides his bike around with his sister and is not afraid to try new things. Not only does he persevere through the adversity of his disease, he thrives and triumphs over it too. He does this by always making others laugh and have fun while he is also very inspirational. He even has his own Youtube channel where he posts very motivational and humorous videos that explain how we can “make the world more awesome.” All the things that Robby Novak has done and the characteristics that describe him have helped make him the Youtube star of ‘Kid President’ that he is. As he himself once said “You're awake, you're awesome, live like it.” This quote tells us that no matter the circumstances of your life, just remember that you need to keep living like you're awesome by continuing to try and to follow your dreams or goals.

The Lady Jags in Losing to Win (Problem & Solution)

Carroll County in Tennessee has a 19.6% poverty rate and a 12.3% unemployment rate. There is a schools there called Carroll Academy that helps students get educational credits that were kicked out of regular school or court ordered to go there. The students that attend there face many hardships and adversities in their lives such as neglecting or jailed parents, drug abuse, anger or depression problems, and an unsafe house and environment to live in. One way this school aids the students with their problems is through their girl basketball team called the Lady Jags. This team has only won 6 games in 14 years of playing and has a 212 losing streak. The coaches utilize this unfortunate status to their advantage by using it to teach the girls life lessons and instill qualities in them. These qualities include hope, perseverance, friendship, teamwork, and resilience. The life lessons they teach from the poor record of the basketball team is that it doesn’t matter how bad the score of a game is, or the number of adversities in their lives, but what matters instead is how they deal with the problem. Instead of getting angry or sad, they should keep a positive attitude and keep trying. This helps prepare the girls for how they will deal with and even triumph over the adversities and hardships that they will inevitably face throughout their lives. Overall, Carroll Academy works for a great cause and is a tremendous source of help and hope for the students which live in the area of Carroll County that unfortunately face many problems in their lives.

Jackie Robinson (Sequence)

Jackie Robinson demonstrated great perseverance as he was faced with great amounts of racial abuse and violence while he still continued his goal of breaking the color barrier in baseball. He did not give up playing baseball and not only did he open the gates for other blacks to play baseball in the national league, but he became one of the best baseball players in history.
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Eleanor Roosevelt (Compare & Contrast)

Eleanor Roosevelt is another person who demonstrated great perseverance throughout her lifetime. She and Jackie Roosevelt can be compared as they had certain similarities as they persevered for the rights of others.
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From the people discussed above, we can learn many things from their perseverance in order to overcome an adversity in today's world. One thing that can be learned from them is that in order to persevere, you have to know what your goal is and not give up on it no matter how difficult or impossible it seems to achieve. Another thing that can be learned from them is that you should have the characteristics of bravery, determination, patience, self-control, selflessness, and hope if you want to persevere through adversity. These people didn't give up on their goals, and because of that, not only did they achieve what they were aiming for, but they also triumphed over it by going beyond their goals. Winston Churchill, Robby Novak, the Lady Jags of Carroll Academy, Jackie Robinson, and Eleanor Roosevelt are all perfect examples of the Road of Perseverance.