The Light Bulb Labs

Big Ideas for the Week of April 28, 2016

Measuring Madness!

With just a few weeks to go, we wanted to remind all of our families to keep up with those math facts. Getting into a routine now, will make keeping up with the routine this summer much easier.

This week we will dive into measurement. Students will be asked to measure to the nearest 1/4 inch. You can practice this at home with having your child measure all kind of objects around the house. In addition, this unit is great for getting your child into the kitchen. We will also look at cups, liters, gallons and other forms of capacity measurement. The more real life examples you help us provide, the more meaningful the work will be to our students! Have fun!

Biography Study

To wrap up the end of the year we will be completing one last literacy project. This project centers on influential people and how they have changed the world. To help us provide students with rich examples, students will be tackling an independent biography project. You will see a letter come home about this project early this week. All work (with the exception of maybe getting a book from the New Albany library) will be completed in class. This is one special we can't give too much away. For now, we'll just tell you to stay tuned!

May brings about a very exciting time for teachers. We have the opportunity to read one on one with your child one last time. During this time we'll be completing the end of the year BAS assessment as well as, the AIMSweb Fluency assessment. We love this time and are excited to see how much our students have grown. This information will be shared with you in a few weeks so for now, just keep reading and finish the year strong!

Speaking of Influential People...

I will never forget some of my very favorite teachers! I talk about them each year with students. I want to take a second and thank Mrs. DeCrane, my first grade teacher who helped me through numerous bouts of "homesickness". I also can't forget my fourth grade teacher who came to my skating shows and really believed that I could be an Olympic skater...but was still supportive when I showed up at his classroom door to tell him I was graduating from BGSU to be a fourth grade Intervention Specailist. Both of these teachers attended my High School graduation party and kept in touch with me until I was settled in Columbus. I owe them more than I'll ever be able to explain. So before this week of "Teacher Appreciation" gets started, we want you to know, that we are the lucky ones. We are so grateful to be your child's teacher each and every day! Their thank you's, inquisitive questions, problem solving determiniation and straight up child spirit are the best part of every day at school.

*If you are planning to participate in Teacher Appreciation activities (and know that your child coming to school every day is more than enough of a thank you), don't forget Mr. McCullough who spends every day with us! We simply could not pull together the type of enviornment we have without his support!

Last Few Items!

  • Thanks to all of the families that donated to Mr. Staggs' gift basket. He was so surprised and overwhelmed! It was a wonderful way to end his time with us! That being said, Mrs. Frederick and Mrs. Thoma are excited to be back together team teaching away all day long!
  • Please help us remind our students to check their bag for a snack before taking an emergency snack. Often times, we find that our students have a perfectly wonderful's just not so perfect or wonderful to them...any help or extra snacks are always appreciated!
  • Library books are due Friday-thus beginning the quest to get all of the library books back and stocked before summer break. Be sure to look around for any books that may not belong at your house.