Sports in the 1920s

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Definition of Sport

Sports in Canada in the 1920s

In Canada, there were many teams in a variety of sports like, track and field, basketball, hockey, football, sailboat racing and curling.

One of a Kind

Lionel "Big Train" Concacher was Canada's allround athlete. He grew up in Toronto during the 1920s, where he participated in many sports. He was a boxer and wrestler in which he won championship titles in both sports. He played basketball for the Toronto Maple Leafs and lacrosse for the Toronto Maitlands. Lionel also played as a hockey defenceman and a halfback for the Tornoto Argonauts which won the Grey Cup.

The Olympics of Amsterdam

Gold Gold Gold

When Canada participated in the Olympics of Amsterdam, they achieved 15 gold medals in events such as track and field, hockey, and welterweight.