How to Use Grammarly

There is no need to prove this line anymore.

How to Use Grammarly To Become a Pro in Writing English

Pen is mightier than sword. There is no need to prove this line anymore. We know the damage that a well written letter can do is nothing compared to the violence done by the swords. In this century where English has become the most important communication language, it is important that you know how to write English is a proper and grammatically correct manner. Do not worry if you have not paid much attention to it in your childhood. It is never late to start. Take some grammarly tips that can help you in writing a perfect letter or the best essay in the world.

Now the question comes, what is grammarly? How to use grammarly? It is an online tool that provides you a platform where you can enhance your writing capabilities. It is developed by Grammarly Inc and was launched in the year of 2009.

Tips on using grammarly

Using grammarly is extremely easy. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can do it. If you have any doubt, here is how to use grammarly.

At first, you will have to go to the official website of the online tool and then create an account. Creating the account id very easy and it takes only a couple of minute.

If you are an ASU student, then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the site and that too absolutely free. You can do through your online registration account.

If you are not an ASU student, then do not worry. You can go to the site and download the windows plug in for grammarly. This will help you in using this online tool more efficiently using Windows OS only.

After you have written the whole thing, save it in your computer. After that go to that file and then copy the whole text.

After that, log onto the account where you will find a big blank box.

Paste the document that you have copied into that box using the paste button on the top of the page.

You can check for the plagiarism by clicking on the START REVIEW button. The button is blue in color. At first the plagiarism detection is turned off. Turn on that and go for the accidental plagiarism

The checking is done in less than a few minute and all the error, if any, will be found.

Grammarly is going to highlight any of the possible error in the text along with a card which will show the possible error in that highlighted text. Not only that, you will also be provided with a possible suggestion to rewrite the sentence to make it correct.

The error will be shown one by one. Click the next button to head to the next error. This process should be reviewed until you are finished with all the errors present in the text.

After you view all the errors, you will have to correct the errors in the original document.

Now that you know “What is grammarly”, with the simple grammarly tips, you can become a pro in writing.

6 Reasons For You To Have A Perfect Grammar

You may be a native speaker, but does that mean that you have a strong grammar? This is something that perhaps you can answer yourself, as well. Just because someone speaks English in a good manner, does not mean that he has a thorough knowledge of grammar and punctuations. In fact, I know of so many people who are excellent speakers, but when it comes to writing down something, they are unable to write even a 20 lined essay.

Grammar is probably one of the most important parts of English language. No matter how good your spoken English is, if you are weak in grammar when you write something, nobody would appreciate your language or the way you speak. Therefore, a lot of people use grammar checkers when they are drafting something in their laptops. Read on how to use grammarly (a popular grammar checker) to know how such grammar checkers work in the market.

If you think grammar is not very important and grammarly review don’t help people, following are the six reasons that would prove why an individual should have a perfect grammar, whether it is his spoken English or written one:

1) Grammar is essential to impress the listener or reader – Grammarly tips prove that if you have an excellent control on your language, people get impressed by you. We all like listening and reading those who know how to speak and those who know how to win the hearts with their words.

2) Grammar helps in transferring your thoughts to other people – If you have excellent grammar in your written work, your thoughts are understood by the readers. On the other hand, if you have written an article in poor language, the readers don’t even try to know what you want to tell them. Your thoughts are understood only when the document is written in a flawless language. The way you speak English is far more different than the way you write it.

3) Grammar brings you more readers – No, this is not something that only the writers need; even ordinary people need readers. If you write emails to your friends, only perfect grammar can help you get some responses. If they don’t understand what you are trying to tell them, they would not even be bothered to read the emails.

4) Grammar lets you be understood – If you read articles on how to use grammarly, you would realize the importance of grammar because such articles have introductions about why grammar checkers are so important to different people. Grammar helps you in being understood in the most beautiful manner.

5) Grammar lets you master the language – If you have a perfect grammar; you have a perfect control on the language.

6) Grammar makes your write-up logical – With the help of a perfect grammar, you can make your document or write-up sound more logical. Grammar is essential to make others know what you want to tell them. It helps your write-up make some sense for the readers.