Orchestra Club

I played the violen

Asch Experiment

When I first started this class I had no idea what I was doing but it seemed like others did so i decided to copy what they did to prevent myself from looking stupid. It worked for a while until I had to play without others....My teacher then took time to teach me how to play correctly.

Zimbardo Experiment

Once getting better at playing we worked in groups to learn to play new pieces of music. The leader of our group was usually nice to us until she got put in charge. She became very bossy and mean if we weren't playing our part correctly. She went as far as to send us out of class if we didn't do what she said. She abused her authority privileges.


I had a hard time learning how to hold the bow correctly. It got to a point I stop trying to figure it out until my teacher told me every time I held it wrong she was going to deduct points from my grade. At first that seem to work for me until I messed up and realized how many points she was taking. It started up with 1 but started going up to at least 15. I started to worry and started asking for help more often but that didn't stop her from taking points even when she saw me trying. She continued this until I got it down perfectly. That really stressed me out and badly effected my grades and she knew it would but didn't care. I still think she didn't have to take off that many points for something that simple.


When I first started I was nervous and like I always do when I'm nervous I started to goof off a lot. But once I got comfortable I was able to settle down and actually learn something and even get better posture because of that class.


My teacher was very strick. She demanded attention from off and didn't put up with much was caused me to get in trouble often. She made sure that we knew what we were doing before we got out of that class.


For others obedience wasn't an issue but for me....it was. I didn't mean to be the trouble maker of the class I just handle certain situations differently then other. I have always been told if I have something on my mind do not bite my tongue let it be known that something bothers me. This was my downfall of this class but after a while of my teacher and I getting use to each other it wasn't a problem anymore and I did what was expected of me to do without hesitation.

Fundamental Attribution Error

As I stated before I was some what a trouble maker so whenever something happened all eyes was on me. One time I remember I was absent from that class but that didn't stop me from getting blamed for something. Apparently somebody was in class making an annoying noise nonstop and the teacher didn't know who so she didn't say anything. After a while the noise got louder and my teacher had enough so she said "KELLISA GET OUT".....But I wasn't there. She only did that because she think its part of my characteristic to be annoying. Of course people told me about this after I returned to class and she did admit she did that and apologized.

Self-Serving Bias

After being in my orchestra class for a while we were learning to do more difficult pieces of music. We had an performance coming up soon and it was very important to my teacher that we did a good job. While practicing there was someone that kept messing up a lot but didn't want to own up to the mistake. So one of the students instantly said "I know for a fact I wasn't messing up. I know I did this perfectly, it must have been one of the newer students". She was being Self-Serving Bias just because he had more experience than the rest of us.


Towards the end of simester we had a huge performance coming up and became so focused on that one class that I started to put all my other classes and hobbies to the side. I practiced the violin so much that I didn't want to hang out with my friends like I use to. After the performance was over and the class was over is when I realized how much that violin took up my time.

Group Polarization

After our final performance we had to turn in our violins until next simester. The class didn't like that idea we wanted to keep them over our brake so that we can practice more and get better. We all thought this was a good idea and kept suggesting it to our teacher but she also kept telling us no. The class was very upset about this work for a few days and made it sure that it was known we were upset. Our teacher sat us down and explanied to us why she didn't want us to take them. She wanted us to have fun over break and not be so distracted with practicing all the time. After talking about this we all understood where she was coming from and gave up the idea of taking them home.