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January 2017-Ashford University Newsletter

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Military Development and Engagement

The Military Community Newsletter at Ashford University was created for you to learn about and share community events, resources, and key topics relevant to service members, veterans, and their families nationwide. Please contact Ashford's Military Development and Engagement Specialist if you have questions or additional resources you would like to share with your fellow military community.


  • January is Mental Wellness Month
  • Career Services Events for Students and Alumni
  • Military Education Outreach Team and Events
  • The WARFIGHTERS Series on the History Channel Trailer
  • Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program
  • How PTSD Rewires the Brain

  • New Military Online Resource Center
  • Student Veterans Organization
  • Get Connected with Military CHAMPS
  • Nationwide Conference Calendar by Month: US Veterans Magazine

  • Previous Editions

January is National Mental Wellness Month

There is more to mental wellness than just mental health, which the World Health Organization (WHO) defines as “a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

To better understand the different elements of Mental Wellness and threats that exist, read more at

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Click For Upcoming Webinars, Workshops, & Career Events

Upcoming Events: Webinars, Workshops, Teleconferences, and Career Hiring Events

Military Education Outreach Team and Events

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Click For Military Education Outreach Team and Events

Meet the Ashford Military Outreach Team and find out when they will be on a base near you!

THE WARFIGHTERS | Series Trailer

The WARFIGHTERS Series on the History Channel

The History Channel marked Veterans Day 2016 with the premiere of its new original docuseries The Warfighters from executive producer Peter Berg and his unscripted shingle Film 45.

Driven by first-person accounts, the un-narrated series chronicles recent U.S. Special Operations Forces missions in the global war on terror, giving viewers an inside and candid look at the realities of war. Over 90 veterans participated in the production.

The Warfighters marks the second military series on History’s current schedule that comes from Berg and Film 45, joining the recently announced new series The Selection: Special Operations Experiment.

Watch Full Episodes

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Soldier For Life Transition Assistance Program

The Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) is the Army's Transition Program responsible for providing Soldiers with the counseling, employment and education workshops, and seminars required to achieve the law and policy Career Readiness Standards (CRS) mandated compliance. SFL-TAP has undergone a re-engineering in order to "prepare" and "connect" Soldiers to ensure the greatest opportunities for successful personal and career achievement upon transition from active duty. Focused on:

Start Strong

  • Recruit Top 29%
  • HS Diploma / College
  • PaYS Partner (Partnerships for Youth Success)
  • Initial Entry Training (IET)
  • Future Soldier Spouse Orientation
  • Army Values and Warrior Ethos

Serve Strong

  • Technical and Leadership experience
  • PME supports continued development
  • Credentialing, Certifications and Licensing
  • Family support and assistance programs
  • MySECO: Spouse Employment Career Opportunities
  • MyCAA: My Career Advancement Account
  • Army Career Tracker

Re-integrate Strong

  • SFL-TAP: Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program
  • Retirement Services
  • National Guard / Reserve
  • Army Network / Mentors
  • Community Action Teams
  • Apprenticeships/Internships
  • Military OneSource

Remain Strong

  • Community Reception
  • National Guard / Reserve
  • Veteran Service Organizations
  • Retired Soldiers / Veterans
  • Mentor, Leader, Volunteer
  • Community / Civic Leaders

How PTSD Rewires the Brain

Post Traumatic Stress is often associated with men who are in the military returning from war, however, research shows that women are twice as likely to be impacted by this condition.

Many different types of trauma can impact the brain, and as a way of protecting itself, it leaves an imprint causing many secondary symptoms resulting in life altering, significant impairment, or distress in daily life functions.

Technology has come a long way in neuroimaging and has allowed what was once known as an "invisible wound" visible and noticeable changes to multiple areas of the individual’s brain. Making the wound more realistic, definable, and providing high hopes that it will be treatable.

You may also read the full article.

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New Military Online Resource Center

The new Ashford Military Online Resource Center is live! Here you will be able to find a variety of topics covered such as:

  • Degree plans by interest
  • Paying for School
  • Transferring your military experience into college credit
  • Military Resources (local, national, and University resources)
  • Academic Accommodations

Find out what Ashford has to offer in one centralized web page, find ways to get connected in an online class environment, or what opportunities you have to connect with fellow students in your own community.

Student Veterans Organization

The mission of Ashford University’s Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO) is for military and veteran students and alumni to assist active duty and veteran students with their educational goals through mentoring, professional networking, and support with their job search.

The SVO supports the unique needs of service members and their families, encourages persistence by celebrating accomplishments, and motivates military students and their dependents to achieve personal, professional, and educational goals.

This is a safe space where veteran students can speak the same language, be open about personal or professional challenges, seek out resources, and find ways to give back to the community while building relationships with peers.

Get Connected with Fellow Veterans Today (must have LinkedIn profile to join)

How Active Duty Students are Supported at Ashford University

Get Connected with Military CHAMPS

Ashford understands the challenges of being a military affiliated student while pursuing higher education. We have developed a program dedicated to addressing those unique needs. It is our goal to pair up Military Mentees with Military Mentors so there is common ground and cultural understanding where the pair speaks the same language.

Deployments, frequent moves, and field exercises can all be distracting when you are attending classes. Connect with a Mentor who can help navigate those overwhelming waters, provide resources, tips, and personal experience to help you be as successful as possible while also building a relationship with another peer.

Top Reasons Mentees Join CHAMPS:

  • To get to know another student on a personal level
  • For support and guidance on managing time and other commitments
  • For advice and encouragement as you begin your academic journey
  • Tips to navigate Ashford Writing Center, Library and student Portal.

Sign up to get a Mentor

Sign up to become a Mentor

Nationwide Conference Calendar by Month

Stay up to date on nationwide events that could impact you. Career expos, transition workshops, and everything in between. Presented by US Veterans Magazine.

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Editor: Stephanie Kinman: Military Development and Engagement Specialist

Stephanie Kinman is a six year Navy Veteran. She spent two of those years attached to a Marine unit. Her personal and professional experience provides understanding to unique challenges military students face. She achieved her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix and her MSW with a focus on Military and Veteran Populations from University of Southern California.

Stephanie is dedicated to the military student population and brings her education, social work background and personal experience, both in the military and in the classroom, to provide resources, community events, and hot topic webinars to the military students at Ashford University.

She is the creator of the Ashford Military Community Newsletter, oversees the CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program for military affiliated students, and recently kicked off the Military Speaker Series as a means to elevate military cultural competency university wide.

Please connect with her if you are interested in being featured in the newsletter, making a contribution, or looking to mentor other military students.