Math Minutes Vol. 7

Week of October 19

Teach Like a Champion- No Opt Out

What do you do when you ask a question and students give you in infamous blank stare? What do you do when they say, "I don't know?" Champion teachers thrive in these moments as use them as opportunities to provide additional learning and help students end the interaction with success. Click the picture to the right to read an excerpt from the Teach Like a Champion Field Guide on implementing the "No Opt Out" technique.

No Opt Out Videos

Watch this video from the Teach Like a Champion folks.

  • What type of No Opt Out does this teacher use with her third grade students?
  • What does she do that helps students end with success?

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Meadows No Opt Out

In this video, Ms. Paul from Meadows Elementary, engages in a quick subatizing game with her kindergartners.

  • What instances of No Opt Out do you notice?
  • How does she make sure her students end with success?


Send Ms. Paul a "warm fuzzy"!

Opening your doors to be video taped is a brave thing to do! Thanks to Ms. Paul for being our very first video showcase!! Click here to send Ms. Paul a "warm fuzzy". Here are some suggestions on what you might say:

  • I'm going to steal this idea ____________________________ and use it with my students.

  • I thought _________________ was effective with your kindergartners and I'm going to modify it by _____________________ to use with my ____________ grade students.

  • Or, say thank you in your own way!

Super Heroes in Training!

Do your students need some super hero problem solving training to help them build their skills for the problem of the month? Sign your class up for Super Hero Training! I will come to your class with everything we need for the lesson, together we can engage students in a rigorous word problem and show them how to get to the expert level for the competition.

Meadow's Super Hero Day!

We are so excited to start our Super Hero Problem Solving competition at Meadows Elementary. Check out our Super Hero teams!!
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