Author: Jessica Morrison/ Book report by: Alivia Bentley

lexile level: unknown Pages: 27


The book, Eclipses,is about how eclipses form and different types of them. The book talks about the jobs that study space and eclipses and what creates them. It also talks about what times of the year that you can see them. I already knew that when the moon blocks sunlight from reaching earth for a short amount of time and it casts a shadow on the earth. So that on earth it looks like the sun is covered. That is know as a solar eclipse.
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This is a picture of the moon phases and how each of them happen

Is that a clock?

After looking at the picture on pg 20 I thought that the picture was of an older time clock. But after reading that page I figured out that the picture was of an astrolabe. An astrolabe was used to show how the sky looked from one place at a certain time. Also they were used to predict the location of the Sun,Moon and planet. These instruments were used for thousands of years.
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The authors purpose.

The authors purpose of writing this book is that they want the reader to understand how each kind of eclipse happens in our solar system. Also so readers can learn about our solar system and each planets inside it.

Fun Facts

  1. They are natural to nature.
  2. Do not look straight at the eclipse.
  3. The bright light of the sun during an eclipse can damage your eyes very quickly.