The Creative Corner

Welcome to HFE's Creativity Resource Page

NEW! FALL "Finish the Picture" Packet

There is a checklist included to help students create their MOST CREATIVE idea! I recommend walking students through checklist and completing the first activity together. Then, I recommend letting students do one activity at a time (in one sitting but no time limit). After they complete the activity, take time to talk through the checklist again and brainstorm more ideas on how they could elaborate their picture.

If a student would like to receive feedback on a single picture or the entire packet, please draw a smiley in top corner of the page. Single pages do not earn points BUT every time they turn in a full packet - I will give them 5 Eagle Points! They can always reuse the packet, create new ideas and turn it in multiple times. You can email their work to or they can turn into the box outside my room (358). Please make sure they listed their name/ homeroom teacher's name on the packet and all work samples are attached before turning in for completion.

NEW! Creativity Menu Information


A new creativity menu will be released at the beginning of every month. The menus serve as an optional tool for students to practice, stretch and grow their creative skills throughout the school year. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Chambless at

Completed Creativity Menus = 15 EAGLE POINTS

  • Step One: To finish a menu, every square on the board must be completed & the student's full name AND teachers name needs to be written at the top of the paper.
  • Step Two: Make sure to also attach every work sample (for every square) to receive points! If every work sample is not attached, they will not receive credit for the month.
  • Step Three: The box for turning in the completed work will be located outside Mrs. Chambless's room on the third floor (Room 358).
  • Deadline: All creativity menus must be turned in to Mrs. Chambless by the last day of each month to receive credit!
  • These menus are not graded. However, if you would like feedback on your student's work, please draw a BIG smiley face in the top right corner of the menu!
  • Spotlight: Outstanding student work samples will be spotlighted on the HFE Morning News Show to help students grow their skills & be inspired by the creative work!