Ashaway Elementary School News

May 2015

Important Dates

May 12-14 PARCC EOY Testing

May 15 Permission Slip for Poetry Slam Due

May 19 SIT Meeting 8:00 AM in the Library

May 20 High School Chorus Performance at Ashaway - Parents are welcome to attend

May 21 Early Release Day

May 21 Kindergarten Orientation 6:00 - 6:45 PM

May 22 Kindergarten Grandparent's Day Celebration

May 25 Memorial Day - School Closed

May 28 No Time for TV Week forms are due

May 29 PBIS Pizza with the Principal Lunch

May 29 Poems for Poetry Slam Due

June 4 Poetry Slam

June 8 POW Science Day

June 11 Ashaway Elementary School Field Day - Details to Follow

June 16 School Wide Barbecue

June 18 Grade 4 Moving Up Ceremony 6:00 PM - Ashaway Elementary School Gym

June 22 - Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony

June 22 Last Day of School - Full Day

June 22 - Report Cards sent home with students

Reading Week Fun at Ashaway

Principal for a Day

Fourth grade student Logan DeGiacomo was the lucky winner of the "Principal for the Day" raffle that was held at the Ashaway Elementary School Holiday Bazaar. I interviewed Logan about his experience and he told me that his favorite part was conducting the school wide morning meeting and visiting all the classrooms. When discussing what was difficult about being a principal, Logan said "It was very hard and tiring walking around all day long!" When I asked him what advice he would give to the next lucky winner of the raffle, he replied "Make sure you have comfortable shoes - you will be walking a lot!"

Second Grade Thank you Letter to the Audobon Society

April 28, 2015

Dear Ms. Tracey,

We were so happy to learn about the Audobon Society. We learned it was named after a man who liked to look at birds and draw them. We’re glad the group helps not just birds, but all animals because birds are part of the food web and they are connected. We were surprised and a little grossed out that people made hats out of feathers and wore animal furs.

We liked how we connected what one student ate for breakfast with how we consume plants and animals. It really made us think about what we eat and where it came from. This relates with what we’ve been learning about in health class.

Plants are producers because they produce their own food and food for us. We are consumers since we can’t make our own food, we have to find it or plant it.

We enjoyed exploring the food chain boxes with the furs, skeletons, feathers, and wings. The mink was interesting to feel, as it was so soft. Its claws were sharp, and we wonder if they’re used for climbing.

The Food Web Jenga game showed us very clearly how if we lose plants it can affect the animals. It’s our job to not kill animals, and to protect them by protecting our forests and land. We learned that if we lose plants, animals will lose the food they need. We could help by planting food animals might eat. It’s important to keep crops growing.

Thanks for letting us pet Pokey, the protected Eastern box tortoise, with two fingers on his shell. We found out that if you have a turtle for a pet, you are making a commitment for over 100 years! You need to keep them healthy, play with them, and not release them into the wild. It’s the same for reptiles. We also learned that for protection, Pokey will hide in his shell. If a hawk grabs a turtle shell, and drops it, it can crack the shell, killing the turtle. It’s kind of icky that Pokey goes to the bathroom in his bathtub. We now know that if we see a turtle crossing the road, our parents can help them get safe by putting them across the street, in the direction they were walking.


Ashaway 2nd graders

Please view the link below for pictures of this exciting event!

Grade 4 Students Learning About National Parks

Performing With The Rhode Island Philharmonic

The Rhode Island Philharmonic in partnership with the Carnegie Hall's Link Up Program presented the Orchestra Sings! Link Up is a music education program that connects the classroom with a concert hall. Students learned about the orchestra through an interactive performance in which they literally became "members of the orchestra." Repertoire highlights included excerpted movements from:

Dvoraks New World Symphony

Stravinsky's Firebird Suite

Beethoven's Symphony No. 9

Copland's I Bought "Me a Cat"

Kindergarten Research Projects

Students in Kindergarten are learning about different species and types of animals. Each student selected an animal that they wanted to learn about. Using books and other reference materials, students conducted research and collected information using a graphic organizer. Students then wrote and illustrated their books, following the writing process.

Biomes - Marine Biology at Ashaway School

Principal's Corner

Please visit the sections below for information on Curriculum, Social and Emotional Well Being, Cultural Arts, and Family Engagement.

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Home-School Connection - Creating Class Lists

Beginning this month, the staff and I will begin the process of creating class lists for the upcoming school year. the ultimate goal for the classroom placement process is to create well-balanced classrooms. Please read the information below regarding the student placement process.


  • Maintaining a balance of academic and behavioral strengths and needs is the primary consideration.
  • Teachers of students in their current grade level are best qualified to make decisions that maintain this balance.
  • In any school there exists a small percentage of students who absolutely require a strong student-teacher match.

Request from Parents:

  • Ashaway School does not honor parent requests for teachers.

Parents may detail for the principal their child’s particular learning style and the type of teaching style to which they feel their child might learn best.

  • Parents who request that their child be separated from another student must contact the principal.
  • Please notify the principal in writing or via email by May 29th.

The Process:

  • Teacher grade level teams will create class lists, minus the teacher’s name.
  • The principal, in consultation with the special educators, social worker and school psychologist, will assign a class to a teacher.
  • The principal will review the class list with classroom teachers for endorsement.
  • Students will visit next year’s teacher on the last day of school, if possible.
  • Teachers will prepare a letter of introduction, which will be sent home with students in their report card envelopes.

Outdoor Recess

The warm weather is here!. A few things to note now that students will be spending more time outdoors during recess. During outdoor recess, students are allowed to play the following:

  • Basketball
  • Four Square
  • Kickball
  • Jump Rope
  • Catch
  • Hop Scotch
  • Equipment Fun

Students are not allowed to play football or tag. Please remember that appropriate and safe footwear must be worn at all times. Do not send students to school with flip flops.


Grade 3 and 4 students have just finished the first part of the PARCC Assessment. The last part of PARCC testing will take place in May. Please see the schedule below for dates.

Grades 3 & 4 PARCC ELA: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grades 3 PARCC Math: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 and Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Program Information - Camp Invention

Camp Invention is Coming To Chariho! Click for Information