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Weekly newsletter for staff 10th May 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Behaviour and Complaints Logs - These logs are now set up in the School Improvement drive and will be looked at by Ofsted (and me!). Please ensure that you are logging any complaints from parents and also any behaviour incidents that you need to report to parents.
  • Tea and Coffee - Due again now please
  • Teaching Staff for next Year - For anyone who is not aware classes for next year will be as follows:
  • Reception - Amy, Reception/Year 1 - Kate, Year 1 - Sarah D/ new person, Year 2- Kerry/ Catherine, Year 3 - Emma, Year 4 - Gemma, Year 5 - New person, Year 6 - Becca. We will be interviewing on 23rd May to fill two teaching positions. I will be looking at how and where our valuable and short supply of support staff will be allocated after half term and will let you know.
  • Nursery - You will see from the above that we will sadly be closing the Nursery at the end of this school year. This is for cost reasons and I will be informing parents once I have liaised with Jigsaws. Please keep this confidential until then.
  • Staff Meetings - Please see link below for next term's staff meetings - All welcome
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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 13th -

  • Y6/ Y2 SATs
  • Emma out HB Cover
  • 14:00 Amanda Whittaker to see SM (Y5)
  • 15:30 SLT meeting
  • 15:30 KH meeting Joy Rossington (Teacher for deaf)

Tuesday 14th -

  • Y6/Y2 SATs
  • 09:30 Tracey Ashton to see OD & AG (YR)
  • 13:45 Year 5 to Church

Wednesday 15th -

  • 10:00 Prospective teacher visits

Thursday 16th -

  • KF off CS Cover

Friday 17th -

  • KF/ BC - Moderator Training HB in Y6, CS in Y2
  • GM hospital appt.
  • 09:30 P.Ex governor panel (KW) PPA room
  • 13:00 Annual review AG (YR) PPA room
  • 13:30 Y5 dance in hall
  • 15:15 FOKF Book and Cake stall
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Thank you and Well done.....

Thank you to everyone that has been so lovely and helpful this week. It has been a really busy and stressful week so I really appreciate all your kind words and deeds.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Emma on Monday 13th