Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

Field Elementary has three OSMO sets that are available for your use. We recently purchased the new OSMO Numbers game for each of the sets, and it's just as engaging and creative as the other features! There are several apps that go with OSMO: Tangrams, Words, Numbers, Newton, and Masterpiece. Here's the link to OSMO's website, so that you can see some of the features. You can customize activities to the level of your students, and it's a great option for your students. Send me an email, or complete the sign up form if you'd like to use OSMO in your class!

What makes you happy?

Want to make this video with the students in your class? Email me to set up a time, and let's do it!
0-100: What Makes You Happy?

Growth Mindset... not just Praise

I found a great article about praise and Growth Mindset this past week on Twitter. It's from Edutopia (amazing resource that you should check out!), and written by Dr. Carol Dweck herself. A point that she makes that I really reflected on is to not create a false Growth Mindset... truly embrace this journey that might take years. In your classroom, it might take time for your children to fully grasp it and feel comfortable, just like it might take time for you to implement it as a teacher. Interesting think piece!

Beth Rihtar

Job-embedded professional development; talks to teachers about tech integration, best practices, efficiency, 4Cs; Google Certified Educator, bassist for the Northwest Symphony Orchestra; teacher of 20 years.